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One Piece Episode #565 Anime Review

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Oh my, Chopper, what big teeth you have…

What They Say:
The final showdown between Luffy and Hordy is at hand! With the future of the Fish-Man Island in the balance, there is one chance for Luffy to launch his attack! Meanwhile, the Straw Hats have their hands full down below – as Zeo reveals just how far the New Fish-Man Pirates will go to secure their victory!

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
While we got a bit more back story with the previous episode, things are firmly back in the present now as everything is just going all out, which is pretty much in the title of the episode. We’ve had a lot of back story that has definitely gone a long way towards making sure there’s a lot of emotion and material built into this fight, but it’s always something that I’ve felt could be structured a bit better and condensed at least a little bit so that it’s not a whole episode distraction. But that’s simply the nature of how One Piece works and you kind of just have to roll with it. Especially since, even as much as it often frustrates, it does work out well in the end.

With it back in the present, it shifts to the fights going on, including a rather fun one with Brook that lets him get a bit theatrical in a way. He gets to have a nice little monologue that lets you in on a bit of his personality a little more when it comes to his status in the world, but it’s more theatrics that come out of him in the fight more than anything else. Good theatrics at that since we see him standing tall and really enjoying his fight. Which even impresses Usopp a fair bit in a way that makes me laugh.

A good part of the episode is devoted, thankfully, to the match between Luffy and Hordy. That’s been one of the more interesting ones simply because of Luffy’s predicament but also because we’re finally seeing his motivations behind events when it comes to his brother, Ace, and how he’s grown and adapted because of that by using the Red Hawk move. Which is brutal and beautiful at the same time as it takes place underwater. It also serves to inspire some panic among Hordy’s men, though his higher-ups try to counter it as best as they can. With the pushback by the Straw Hats and now this, it does start to turn the tide, but there’s more than just the fight itself that will determine events. But until it gets to that point, we get the fun of the individual fights that are going on here which continues to reinforce the growth and skills of the rest of the Straw Hats.

In Summary:
One Piece brings some welcome fight material to the show once again that’s set in the present. While it’s largely focused on just a couple of characters, such as Luffy and Brook, it does touch on the others and sets up more for what the next episode will have for material. The fun here is seeing how Brook has grown and his more theatrical approach to fighting now as well as seeing just how Luffy has taken to dealing with life after the loss of Ace when it comes to his fighting style. And, of course, it ends with an amazing bit involving Chopper that just makes me laugh hysterically over what he’s capable of and can bring to the table now. It’s definitely a game changer in some ways, though the details are where things will be interesting with that.

Grade: B

Streamed By: FUNimation

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