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Chitose Get You Episode #13 Anime Review

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The festival is upon us and the stakes are high as the knives are out.

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The Review:
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The summer festival has arrived and it’s some time off for everyone, both student and teacher alike. Not that the teacher has much planned beyond hopefully getting asked out on a date. She doesn’t get the date she wants and nothing hurts more than seeing Chitose out with him at the festival itself. He’s comical at this point because he’s trying to show off, but things don’t work well in his favor at all when the two girls start battling each other over him. It escalates nicely pretty quickly and it has an amusing turn when things start to actually be counted. If only they used their powers for good!

In Summary:
Pitting Chitose and the teacher together always makes me laugh since both of them tend to get so into it, though Chitose often manages to hold her composure better and longer. Here, things get out of hand quickly at the festival since the object of their affection is there and it just goes and goes in a very fun way. There’s some good laughs to be had here as it keeps itself largely focused on the primary three, though we get a spooky little opening bit first that you knew was just going to get creepy.

Grade: B-

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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