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Kuroko’s Basketball Episode #25 Anime Review

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The series draws to a close as Kise and Aomine go at it one more time.

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The Review:
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Though it may seem odd to move the main Seirin cast out of the show for several episodes, relegating them to cameo position when you get down to it, getting a match between Aomine and Kise is definitely worth it. Each of them have something to bring to the court, Kise with his growth and Aomine coping with someone who is becoming a real challenge to them, that it’s really engaging to watch, even if it does feel like it’s going on a little overlong. The two of them have some key roles in how Seirin has grown and in dealing with Kagami and Kuroko that getting an understanding of the changes they’re going through is definitely important, especially for when they end up facing off again in the future.

What’s also helped with this arc is that it’s showing us more of how the rest of the team can get inspired, or broken down, by what the stars do. For Aomine’s team there’s a mixture of admiration over what he can do but also some resentment in a way because they can’t hope to achieve that level. They want to support them, but they’re often lost in the limelight. For Kise and his team, they know how much he’s struggled to achieve what he has and the way he’s trying to push his limits and go beyond what he was before and they want to really be a part of that. It’s definitely more of a true teamwork motif playing there, something that helps to lift Kise even more.

Of course, not all the support in the world can push you beyond what you’re actually capable of and those losses can be hard, brutal, yet extremely satisfying as well. When you achieve something, go all the way and do your best, it can be pretty inspiring in its own way if you have the right mindset about it. We’ve seen that with Seirin and how they handled their loss, so seeing Kise go through the same, yet knowing they made some real impact on Aomine and Touou in general, definitely makes for a loss that you can work with. The loss there gets played into Seirin’s view of the game as well and is an opportunity for them to watch and learn, which while somewhat understated, is decently done. It helps to turn the focus back to them at the end here after the match, allowing them to be centered once again.

In Summary:
With the series finishing out in this episode, and an OVA in the offing in Japan, everything comes full circle as we now have the team ready to head into their next game season and really show what they’re made of. It may be an odd choice to spend the last couple of episodes focusing on Kise and Aomine rather than the Seirin team, but I appreciate that they kept to the manga’s tone and direction since understanding the opponents makes for better games and better character matchups as well. Thankfully, we do get some time with the Seirin members here and it sets the stage well should the show get another season – something that I’d definitely like to see happen – but it also leaves things closed of well enough here in that we saw them work hard, rise to many challenges, but not quite make it. But they came together as a team and got stronger and renewed their sense of purpose. It’s a more honest look at how most teams do end up and there’s something to be said for that. While the show isn’t as strong as Slam Dunk for me, it’s a solidly enjoyable, well animated and fun basketball game that hits most of the right notes.

Grade: B

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