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Campione! Episode #12 Anime Review

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The focus shifts more to Erica and Godou in very appetizing ways.

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The Review:
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With the way the series has worked so far, there’s been a lot to like about Campione as it’s introduced the characters and given them time to stand alone. It’s had some aspects of relation potentials coming into play, though it played things rather amusingly in the previous episode with the “date” that Erica and Godou were on. It’s easy to like the characters in general since there isn’t a lot of huge competitiveness going on between everyone, allowing them to exist without continually beating each other up, verbally or physically, in an effort to gain favor with Godou. Who, by his nature as the male lead, is kind of oblivious to all of this. But there’s also the advantage in that Godou can be pretty manly on a regular basis, proactive and able to fight with and without help, so that sets him apart nicely.

With this episode, the focus shifts towards what Seishuun has put into play by dealing with Ama no Murakano. This puts things in a kind of dream-like state for several of them, with Erica facing off against a version of the swords physical appearance and Godou being challenged in his thought processes elsewhere. But it all does keep coming back to the relationship between Godou and Erica since she’s doing all she can to aid and help him. Which he does know, understand and value. So much so that he really does place her first in many ways and will do what he can to save her. But there’s also a frustration with what he’s trying to do for various reasons that lead them on an amusing trip in some ways while trying to get her the help and rest she needs.

The main focus of things here is definitely to firm up the relationship between Erica and Godou in a way that’s really surprising. I’ve really liked what we’ve gotten from the show when it comes to how he interacts with Liliana but I also liked the way he was with Erica where it was close and deep friendship. Here, things go to a whole other level and intimate that something profound has happened, which is done dramatically and beautifully, even if the meaning of it may not be sussed out for some time. This is the big part of the episode and it really does a lot to drive home the change in how the character interactions will go from now on, which should be interesting based on what has come before.

In Summary:
Because of the surreal nature of the episode with the forces involved, it has an odd feel to it thta definitely does stand yet. While there’s a lack of action at times (there is some, and it’s decent), the shift in focus to Godou and Erica is really well done and reinforced once again that I definitely enjoy the take the show and property has with its characters. It’s doing something non-standard with their relationships and how they act with each other that I really like and it feels like it’s taking chances, being more “mature” without full on sex scenes and taking risks. I’ve been kind of all over the map at times with this series because of its nature, but there’s so many more positives than negatives that I keep being drawn back in and wanting more. I think Campione will really be one of those series that is far more impressive when marathoned, but I need the weekly dose.

Grade: B+

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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