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Toriko Episode #71 Anime Review

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Chocolate houses, screaming apples, and power levels Oh My!

What They Say:
Toriko and Komatsu hope to have the element of surprise on their side as they travel to the explosive Battle Island in search of the legendary Stun Apple!

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)

The once a year harvesting of Stun Apples has begun and our team heads out to capture some ingredients! The trick with Stun Apples though, is that they do not taste good and are worth absolutely nothing until they have been surprised. This episode is nothing more than just good fun while our heroes, and almost every single character previously seen, try to scare the living daylights out of a bunch of apples. What makes this episode fun and not a complete bore is that the cast themselves are having so much fun.

Guns, explosives, screaming through an amplifying rock, threatening, and almost anything else you could imagine are devices employed by everyone in an attempt to create the highest level apple (based on a scale from 1-100). It actually has the ability to create a level of anticipation in the viewer, and that’s pretty amazing given the plain fluffiness of the material. With Toriko and the gang doing some serious surprising, they are only averaging around level 30. What will it take to create a level 100 apple!!?? Sure it’s incredibly simple and kind of dumb to get invested to such a point when the goal is to scare an apple, and there’s nothing but screaming and yelling going on, but the secret is in the sauce.

The story doesn’t wrap up in a single episode so we have to wait a week to see how everything plots out but…if every episode of fluff can be this fun and entertaining I think we can deal with a couple more episodes before we get back into the heavy stuff.

In Summary:
The last batch of filler episodes had miserable animation and storylines that just didn’t excite, involve, or entertain. While this is not a filler episode, the content is comparable to what one would expect from a filler episode. But it’s all about the energy put forth from the cast, they are truly having fun and that enthusiasm is extremely contagious to the point that it affects the viewer. What else about this episode besides just being fun makes it entertaining and worth a watch? The execution and the fact that this episode is paced out wonderfully! One thing this episode does that I didn’t think was possible is make the super annoying filler character Tina tolerable throughout and even the king of annoyance Zonge has little to no negative effect on it! No new heights of storytelling on display here and more critical viewers may scoff at its ridiculousness but…Toriko is at its best when it’s either a) creating top notch storytelling that invigorates the genre or b) being ridiculous, i.e. fun.

Grade: B

Streamed By: Funimation

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