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Star Wars Thursday: Say Arrrrr Edition

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Welcome to this week’s edition of Star Wars Thursday, a celebration of all things fun, wild, and wacky in the Star Wars universe!

If your Twitter and Facebook feeds are anything like mine, you couldn’t help but notice that Wednesday was “Talk like a pirate” day. I’m always curious to see just what Star Wars things I can find to tie into the silly geeky events we create. Honestly, I expected my favorite scoundrel to pop up among the pirate gear. Instead, there was an abundance of Arrrrrtoo.

Does your iphone or ipod sometimes burst into a lively sea shanty? Do you want to make it walk the plank? Protect your little buddy with this clever Arrrrtoo-detoo case at RedBubble. The design is also available as a greeting card to send to your shipmates.

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for R2! This Redbubble design is available as cards and prints. I’ve used an app on my phone, called WordFoto, to create similar effects.

Artoo is usually the little sidekick. Arrrrrtoo decided to get his own little buddy. Polly want a blaster? This shirt is from Fictional Tees.

I’ll end with the shirt that started it all. My Twitter buddy @FangirlCantina gave this adorable shirt a shout out yesterday. That’s when I realized it could be a great weekly theme and scrambled to find the rest of the items. I love We Love Fine Tees!

Now I know it’s too late to wear one of these for this year’s Talk Like a Pirate Day (unless you have a time machine), but it’s never too early to prepare for next year! Until next week – may the Force be with you!

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