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Sket Dance Episode #76 Anime Review

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The end is near…

What They Say:
Katou Kiri has become Tsubaki’s loyal retainer, but will the young ninja learn to work together with his other Student Council colleagues in order to build a better academy? Then, the Sket-dan teams up with the Student Council to cure Usami of her hatred for all men… and it involves more than one kind of cross-dressing…

The Review:
With the series having changed its tone slightly with the introduction of Katou, something that each new addition has done to the show, Sket Dance is ready to move forward more in its new phase. For, well, at least another episode as the show is going off the air with the next one so things will draw to a close, at least for now as there’s always a chance that the show will come back. After all, the show that’s taking over its time slot is Gintama and that’s certainly come back once or twice to keep its mojo going. Sket Dance ought to be able to do much the same with a bit of a break. You can even imagine the two shows trading places every other season or couple of seasons in order to give the teams a bit of a break.

With this episode, the first half focuses on Katou a fair bit now that things have settled down after the events with the bullying teacher and his involvement with it. Tsubaki has gotten him to sign on fully as a proactive member of the student council, but Katou has the feel that Tsubaki did early on where he’s just so over the top in what he wants to do to make the school a better place. There’s differences to be sure, but they’re definitely birds of a similar feather. The problem comes in trying to tamp down his nature a bit as he’s intent on doing many things quickly and without much help since he has that whole ninja background that has kept him working alone. Things do ease up of course, but it’s fun to see Tsubaki deal with this kind of situation overall.

With the second half, things turn back to the Sket Club a bit more, though with some help from the student council. The focus turns to the group trying to help Usami of her deep seated hatred of men that’s packed inside such a small package. Himeko makes this a big project for herself and comes up with some amusing methods along with everyone else to do it, such as having the girls wear the boys outfits to try and set her at ease more. As much fun as that is, it’s when it shifts in the other direction and puts the guys in girls outfits and they all really get into it when it comes to talking things out under Himeko’s direction. In some ways, they’re far more girly than Himeko at times and that just makes the whole thing all the more amusing.

In Summary:
Sket Dance works its penultimate episode pretty well as it focuses first on the realignment of the student council now that Katou is really set with being an active part of it. Katou still isn’t a character that I’m completely behind, but they do a decent job of smoothing things over here and making him a bit more likable and a part of the student council. The second half goes for some simple fun and gender bending a bit by bringing in Usami as the one to be dealt with, but it’s less about her and more about the others and how they deal with the crossdressing and fun of getting Himeko to mess with them. It’s a fun episode overall and helps to close up at least a little bit of a dangling plot thread with Katou.

Grade: B

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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