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One Piece Episode #564 Anime Review

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Back story time!

What They Say:
The horrible secret of Hordy and the New Fish-Man Pirates revealed! And the deep-seated resentment for humans harbored on the Fish-Man Island exposed! True peace with humans can only come at one cost – reseting the clock to zero!

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
While we’ve had a lot of flashbacks in this arc overall, showing various aspects of the Fish-Man island, its residents and its connections to the Straw Hats, we haven’t gotten the full story of Hordy yet. I liked a lot of the back story overall, even if it felt like it should be tightened up a lot more, since we got a look at the Arlong pirates and how that went and brought us full circle to Nami and her joining with the Straw Hats since life would have been much different for her. The time spent with the queen before worked well and getting a look at the difficult relationship between humans and fish-men made things a lot clearer in the nuts and bolts of it, even if it took the long route to do it.

With Hordy now overpowered and pretty much on steroids with the power level he’s on, we get a look to his past as his mind tells him to remember. Seeing the tiny Hordy is rather comical at first, but there’s such a feeling of evil that comes from him and the others as they deal with Arlong that it’s palpable. Scheming, dark, deceptive and ambitious is what you get from him during this as he takes in what Arlong says and draws on it as his own life’s mission. As he gets older and exists within the framework of the Fish-Man island, we see more of how his planning and plotting manipulated things, especially with the death of the queen and the way the people there all changed in personality with regards to so many things. Hordy’s manipulations are simply but ultimately effective with his mindset towards sowing more and more problems to have his vengeance.

With the present, we get a lot of looking back at what happened as Shirahoshi’s brother does his best to try and explain things to the people as a whole even as time runs out, knowing that they were the ones that made a mistake. Fukaboshi takes much of the blame for dealing with things in a superficial way without realizing it, letting the evil below fester that has allowed Hordy to become as dangerous as he is now. While things just seem more and more dire, there are some positive moments to be had as well. Fukaboshi’s plea is something that hits Luffy really well, not that he wasn’t intending to help to begin with, but it just sets him even more intently. We get a bit more of what’s going on down on the island as well as we see Zorro and Chopper getting pretty intense, but it’s all just set up for what’s to come. But with so much back story here, it’s a welcome nod to events unfolding as well.

In Summary:
One Piece is moving through the necessary portions now, giving us that last bit of back story needed in order to let things go full on out now. While Hordy’s had his motivations, we get to see more of it in clearer light here, as well as the stronger connection to Arlong as well which works nicely. The focus is largely on Hordy and Fukaboshi here and that plays out well, with Hordy’s over the top evil feeling, both young and older, in comparison to the contrite Fukaboshi as he pleads with his people to reset things to zero so they can move forward together, if they can survive what Hordy is doing here. Things are obviously building up at a faster rate now and the danger is beyond incredibly close, leaving you to wonder just how far it’ll go.

Grade: B

Streamed By: FUNimation

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