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So, I Can’t Play H! Episode #10 Anime Review

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Anime needs more strip poker.

What They Say:
Ryousuke is awake, he is home with friends, and everything is great. But why does everything feel so off?

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
While the show ended the last time with things seemingly pretty bleak for the human world as Ryousuke ended up there with the things from the other world about to run roughshod over it, he’s now woken up in his room with the haze of the other world around him. Learning that the Restall army was deployed and things taken care of quickly with a bit of chaos overall, it’s now come to a period where he’s just coming out of things and feeling very much like he’s in a weird place. Everything is seemingly resolved for the most part, but there’s that something that’s off to him. Of course, it’s easy to be distracted from that when you have a couple of the girls, Lisara included, wearing just an apron as they try to see to his needs.

Of course, the situation is not what was presented and it doesn’t take long for Iria to show up and kind of ruin things in a bit, though it’s all just brushed under the rug in order to try and keep Ryousuke under control. So what do they eventually decide to do to distract him? Strip poker. Anime needs more strip poker. It’s a brief thing but man, it works nicely within the show because it gives us some quiet time, some silly bits to it and a chance to see all the girls with just their underwear for a bit as they start to lose more. It’s the ideal distraction for someone like Ryousuke since he’s been told he has two weeks to live but there’s a plan to fix things, or least give him hope that he has.

So when things really get revealed with Dalnia showing up as the grim reaper, it opens his eyes to the reality of the world itself. The truth of the matter of the world gets him pretty hard, especially with his energy level so truly low and knowing that the girls were all trying to shield him. His change in demeanor is quick and hard while everyone is staring daggers at Dalnia over what she’s done. There’s some decent emotions that come into play here with the girls realizing they have only a time left with him, which is said in words rather plainly as Lisara is even told to simply admit to him how she feels before it’s too late. Of course, things are set up in a particular way, but there’s a strong oppressive nature about this episode which we’ve had before, but here it just feels even heavier.

In Summary:
With the fallout from the previous episode, we’re given an interesting look in terms of execution. It’s one that can certainly annoy fans to be sure since it doesn’t really follow through on things, instead placing it all offscreen. That’s not necessarily bad, but it’s a little awkward. What we get here is an episode where you feel just as off as Ryousuke but you enjoy quite a few parts of it since there’s some good fanservice. When it gets down to the reality, it doesn’t feel like we’re actually getting the full story though, instead just aspects of it and even less than what Ryousuke knows. Bringing this into play as well as Dalnia and a few snippets of the world outside with what’s really going on is simply awkward and doesn’t feel fulfilling.

Grade: C+

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