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Discotek Media Adds ‘Yatterman’ And Talks 2013 Releases

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Discotek Media is making folks happy this Saturday afternoon as they’ve announced their acquisition of the 2009 film Yatterman with plans for a 2013 release. The feature, which brought in $30 million in Japan,  is based of the late 70’s anime series of the same name. The feature was directed by Takashi Miike and stars Shō Sakura, iSaki Fukuda, Kyoko Fukada, Kendo Kobayashi, Katsuhisa Namase and Anri Okamoto. It was originally released in March 2009 from Nikkatsu. The feature was announced for UK release earlier this year by Eureka. While the film was based off of the original series, the interest in the property for live action also spawned an anime feature film which was released in 2009 following a new TV series that aired in 2008. Neither of which have been brought over to the US.

In addition to their bringing the Yatterman news out, Discotek talked about some of their recent licenses and tentative plans as well as more licensing announcements for 2013:

We’ve received the list of available street dates for next year from our distributor. In the next couple weeks we will start picking the dates for the unreleased titles we have licensed. When the dates are picked they will be listed here. Also there should be some very big licensing announcements in the coming weeks.

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