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Media Blasters Acquires ‘Shamanic Princess’ & Sets ‘Jubei-Chan’ Release Date

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Media Blasters has set some of their upcoming releases for the new year as the January 2013 schedule has been set. Kicking off the new year from Media Blasters is a pair of oldies but goodies as the recently acquired Jubei-chan is set and the apparently newly acquired Shamanic Princess as well. Jubei-Chan was previously released by Bandai Entertainment while Geneon Entertainment got the second season. Shamanic Princess came from Central Park Media many years ago and now has a home at Media Blasters. It previously saw release in 2003 form central Park Media.

Shamanic Princess: To retrieve the talisman stolen by her beloved, Tiara hunts the might, battling monsters with her awesome shamic powers. Disguised as an ordinary schoolgirl by day, she arrives at his lair only to find her archrival already on the scene… protecting the theif! Dark secrets unravel as Tiara faces these powerful opponents, and her one hope for survival may be to betray her mission.

Jubei-chan: Jiyu “Jubei” Nanohana and her ineffectual father recently moved to the country from Tokyo, so she’s a new student at Hontsuru Junior High. She immediately wins the hearts of the proudly “unrefined” Bantaro and the elegant kendo champion, Shiro. Every male she encounters takes one look at her breasts and is instantly smitten. Although she’s unaware of it, Jubei is the reincarnation of master swordsman Yagyu Jubei. His loyal retainer Koinusuke has spent the last 300 years looking for the person destined to inherit the “lovely eye patch” that transforms the wearer into an unbeatable warrior. In addition to Yagyu’s soul, Jubei has inherited a 300-year-old vendetta: the Ryujoji clan wants to eliminate her so they can rule Japan by the sword.

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