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Eureka 7: Astral Ocean Episode #19 Anime Review

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The world turns against Generation Bleu after Ao’s rescue.

What They Say:
The world has turned against Generation Bleu for taking back Ao and the Quartz Gun. They now find themselves facing UN sanctions and the Allied Forces, even as they try to figure out who’s side to take – the Secrets or the Scub Corals.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With the action taken in the previous episode that has brought Ao back to the group, along with the Quartz Gun, things are not going well for Generation Bleu. The whole thing has a bit of an international incident about it and there are plenty of people inflamed by the actions, viewing what the group has done as pretty much treasonous. While that happens on the outside, the show gives us a nod towards how the company is handling things (PR firms to the rescue) while those within the organization like Fleur and Ao have to figure out what’s going to happen next to them. Strangely, the big boss is just happy that Fleur got her Third Engine working and is content with that in his oddly affable way.

What also gets slid into the conversation is that they’re going to stop dealing with Secrets for the foreseeable future and instead deal with Scub Coral, something that will help their image to be sure. But things are shifting on the other side of the game as well as Truth is being told by the one above him that they’re changing their path as well when it comes to the Secrets as the world is changing again. And that just gets to Truth in a big way since he wants to utterly destroy Generation Bleu, especially now that they’re going to be pilloried on the world stage, making it a prime chance to take them down.

The episode works between some of these varied behind the scenes kinds of bits until everything finally builds up and the UN says enough is enough, we want your Quartz. And they intend to take it by having all that Generation Bleu has by force. That sets the stage for things getting bigger and out of control, but there’s also an element of that inside Generation Bleu as they’ve been infiltrated as well, which is causing problems. The haphazard feeling of it all is still very much in evidence here as it shifts from thing to thing, scene to scene, never really coming across like it knows what it wants to do. It’s frustrating again to watch the show and see how it’s juggling so many things but they all come from different areas that should be connecting better.

In Summary:
As the series kicks into its final arc leading into the finale, everything here does feel like it’s moving forward and at an accelerated pace. The movements are quick at times and the shifts in the balance of power does work and makes sense. But at the same time it all feels like poorly laid out thought and ideas about how governments and organizations would respond to this. While we also get some decent minor character material and a few odd moments that lead to a realization or two about the truth, I keep coming back to something that’s been sticking in my head for a long time about this. The whole series is feeling more and more like one elaborate fanfiction more than something polished and connective to the original series like it’s trying to do. And each new instance just reinforces that with its simplistic and wonky at best ways of trying to explain what’s going on.

Grade: C

Streamed By: FUNimation

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