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New Manga Releases For The Week Of September 10th, 2012

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It’s a new week for manga and the big one that will sell bucketloads is Sailor Moon, which is one o two releases from Kodansha this week. The title run this week is pretty good, with a good smattering of boys-love for the crowd, including a new SuBLime release with His Favorite, while there’s also some very intriguing Tezuka material with Barbara from Digital Manga Publishing. Between their release list and the latest from Viz Media, there’ sa solid list of releases this week, including the very good to see Loveless returning to the marketplace.

As discussion is now underway, why not join in and talk about what’s on your purchase list this week?

  1. Ai no Kusabi: The Space Between, novel 7 (DMP)
  2. Arata: The Legend, vol. 11 (Viz)
  3. Attack on Titan, vol. 2 (Kodansha)
  4. Barbara (DMP)
  5. Hayate the Combat Butler, vol. 20 (Viz)
  6. His Favorite, vol. 1 (Sublime)
  7. House of Five Leaves, vol. 8 (Viz)
  8. Loveless, vol. 9 (Viz)
  9. Only the Ring Finger Knows Novel 5: The Finger Never Sleeps (DMP)
  10. Sailor Moon, vol. 7 (Kodansha)
  11. Tyrant Falls in Love, vol. 7 (DMP)
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