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YuruYuri Season 2 Episode #11 Anime Review

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The Akari who leapt through time, indeed!

What They Say:
The Amusement Club is cleaning the club room in preparation for new students and perhaps new members. Opening a mysterious closet they discover a device that sends Akari back in time, with she takes as a chance to fix her mistakes.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Sometimes Yuru Yuri will take a chance and do something really out of place that can be a heck of a lot of fun. With this episode, it steps outside of its normal boundaries of reality a bit as the group is going through a cleaning process in the clubroom. It’s that time of the year when new students will be coming in and clubs can hope and pray for new members. The cleaning process alone can be a lot of fun as we’ve seen in other series since it can harken back to good memories of times past and the meaning of various objects and pictures. For Yuru Yuri, things play to that angle a bit, but it goes a whole step further when they discover a time machine in a hidden closet space and Akari accidentally goes back in time.

While everyone else watches on in disbelief as she ends up shooting out of the room, Akari herself is flummoxed by the whole thing as she ends up in the relatively recent past in the clubroom. Luckily, she doesn’t go through a series of issues, not believing that she time traveled, before it all comes to reality for her. She gets it quickly and is appreciative of the tricks that some of them do, such as Kyoko and her hiding of food, which makes her stay in the clubroom of the past tolerable. With it being a year in the past, that means we get to see a few clips – in black and white! – of what happened then. Which can be kind of embarrassing at times for Akari. Thankfully, it doesn’t all work in this direction as Akari gets caught up in things along the way, so the vast majority of what we get here is new animation playing with her knowing the past.

Now, considering that the girls in this series don’t do anything of real note in their lives other than going through the motions, it’s not exactly a situation where Akari has a lot of big things that she could possibly change. There are some small things along the way here, but a lot of what we get is that the superficial changes are ones that are important to her, such as how she poorly presented herself at times and so forth. There is something to that, awkward as it may seem, as a teenagers view of self is vastly different from how an adult will handle it. And as Akari’s sister goes over with her in the right way, those experiences have made her who she is and she really does like who she is since becoming a part of the club.

In Summary:
Yuru Yuri has some good fun here with the whole time travel aspect of things, but the big part of it all is the sentimentality. So much of the show revolves around how the characters interact and feel about each other that it’s a huge part of what’s going on here. Giving Akari the chance to view and relive the past is certainly an interesting way of trying to show her how she’s come across, but also to say that she’s a better person because of it. It’s cute, fun and simplistic, but it works well. Of course, there’s always that last minute gag that sets things all right in the world, but it doesn’t really affect the core of the episode as it’s pretty spot on for Akari, someone who often does get lost in the sea of characters.

Grade: B-

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