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Vertical Manga Sets New Survey

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Vertical has let loose with a new survey today for titles that people may be interested in for a summer 2013 licensing plan. The survey has a number of titles listed directly, such as Mysterious Girlfriend X, Zakuro, Saki and others that are known for their recent simulcasts, but also some other titles they get less mainstream play like Billy Bat from Naoki Urasawa. The survey also allows you to write in titles that you’d be interested in that are on the list, but there’s certain stipulations you must abide by:

-No titles that began before the year 2000.
-No titles from Shogakukan
-No titles from Shueisha
-No titles from Akita Shoten
-No eromanga or explicitly erotic BL
-No doujinshi or webcomics
-Please refrain from submitting titles longer than 12 volumes in length.
-No titles previously licensed in North America.

They also want to know what you’re currently reading from their catalog to get a feel for the audience. Definitely take some time with the survey and get your hopes and dreams in there which could in turn help nudge a title to reality.

Take the survey here.

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