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Questioning Fandom: What’s Crapped On Your Favorite Franchise?

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With the announcement yesterday of the direct to video A Christmas Story 2, there’s been a lot of gnashing of the teeth about how a true American classic for holiday entertainment has been tarnished by the existence of such a thing. Watching the trailer, you can certainly understand why. But it’s not the first time something that’s been considered a classic or important has had its meaning diluted by the arrival of a sequel or some further adaptation taking it unwanted directions. Fans of the original Matrix movie will certainly attest to that and do we even need to bring up various aspects of the Star Wars prequels?

With the variety of entertainment out there, we’re curious as to what you’ve had happen over the years with a favorite TV series that was reimagined or rebooted, a movie sequel or a new creative team on a comic that totally ruined what came before? Where are the breaking points in your fandom of a particular franchise that were altered forever? Help others be warned about where they should not go with an anime adaptation, a novel series that went on too long or something else. What has someone done to totally crap on something you loved?

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