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La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia Episode #10 Anime Review

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Felicita’s fate is in the hands of the man who may have placed her in this position to begin with. Not something Papa is terribly thrilled with.

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The Review:
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After getting a bit of back story on Felicita’s father, we got a better look at some of the family history, how the cards connect to things and a look at Jolly’s past that brings it all together. It worked rather well for providing some much needed information and bringing things together a bit more than they have in the past. Unfortunately, as events played out with what Felicita did to try and help her father, she’s ended up in a state that has her kind of blank at the moment and not anywhere near her normal self. And her father continues to be bedridden as well, leaving others like Nova and Felicita’s father doing what they can to help in general but feeling rather incapable of doing anything productive. The revelation of her second Tarocco has certainly changed things.

The first half of the episode deals with this fallout across several people since they all know that Felicita has lost her memories, though not all understand why. There’s some good soul searching, especially among those that have had their powers/cards since they were born, but everything always seems to come back to Jolly. When he makes his appearance here and sets the course of events just by arriving, you have to grin. There’s something undeniably cool about his presence and the way he’s generally quiet but still manages to say so much. With not only Mondo’s life still at risk and Felicita’s memory, it’s enough to get them to all work together. But there’s still so much anger there among the younger set in regards to Jolly.

The path of using arcana powers to try and bring back her memories is an interesting one, since it largely pairs Mondo and Jolly together. Visually, it’s pretty interesting since it puts them in this other world where we see Felicita ensnared and unable to do anything about her problem. The two men certainly have issues now that Mondo understands what was done, but their core interest in saving Felicita is what drives them. It’s an interesting journey overall for them, though the results are expected; it’s what comes afterward as we see that Felicita now has something new to deal with once she’s brought back to herself and has to grapple with the real meaning of not just one but both of her abilities.

In Summary:
Arcana Famiglia has had some decent episodes as of late and this one shows off some good material as we see the two men that have known each other for years deal with Felicita’s problem. She’s in a place that definitely requires their arcana and help, but the two men certainly aren’t on the same page once the father learns what’s been done to his daughter. I rather liked the way everyone is still so against Jolly, which makes sense with all that he’s done, and that even at this point it’s hard for them to get past it in order to do what is necessary. He’s such an outsider among his own people. There’s a lot to like here in general and it feels more polished than it has recently as well, though the series as a whole still comes across as though it’s not living up to the promise of the opening episode.

Grade: B

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