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So, I Can’t Play H! Episode #08 Anime Review

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Can Lisara and Iria really work well together for any amount of time?

What They Say:
With Ryousuke still limp from the previous fight, Quele attempts to heal him. Lisara sets out to rally the Restall army with information provided by Iria.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With everyone now in the other realm and focusing the events there, things take a decent turn here as it puts Ryousuke on the outside for a little bit as he attempts to recover from the fight that he’s been in. He’s been mostly bedridden because of it, though that’s not a bad place to be as Quele is there trying to help him recover while wearing next to nothing from what we can see. It provides a nice chance for Ryousuke to reflect on what’s going on a bit as he learns that Lisara and Iria have headed off to get more intel, providing the incentive to get back and to also realize just how much Lisara means to him after all they’ve been through together.

For Lisara and Iria, it’s a decent chance to get to know the lay of the land a bit more as the two are working to get into Tours-Soleil. There’s a number of ways that they can attempt to do this, so getting the right one, using the military as a feint, seems like it’s the best idea in order to retrieve their friend from there. Lisara and Iria have some good bits along the way here as the action unfolds and they do their best to infiltrate, showing us some decent looking creatures that are amusingly abusive towards her in a way that causes her clothes to continually b shredded. Showing us Ryousuke arguing with her mother in-between those bits is interesting, since it lets him rail against her while she proves to be calm and purposeful in a way that he certainly didn’t expect.

In Summary:
While we do get a few events going on here, there’s a sort of wheel spinning feeling going on when you get down to it. Lisara and Iria have some decent material together, working side by side at first until things take a momentary twist that you know will be righted. Lisara provides most of the fanservice, though Iria’s costume certainly is eye-catching, and the abuse heaped on her is kind of comical in how they want it to be titillating. For Ryousuke, he has some minor material here that works decently overall, whether it’s a bit of mildly naughty fun with Quele or more serious time spent with Lisara’s mother that is fun if only for where she seems to be continually placing his head. I’m still really interested in the show but it’s just not firing on all cylinders well here.

Grade: B-

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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