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Kuroko’s Basketball Episode #22 Anime Review

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The training camp is nearly over and there’s an interesting show that’s about to start.

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The Review:
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With the training camp material that we got in the previous episode, we got a good look at the team doing pretty well as they worked through the rough regime that was come up for them. There was a lot to like as one of the opposing teams ended up in the same place as well which lead to some tensions but also a little bit of peace along the way as well as they got to know each other a bit in the quieter parts of the day. But as time has gone on, they’re not feeling too terribly confident after the things that have happened and their morale is down. It’s pretty understandable when you get down to it after all that’s happened, particularly for Kagami and Kuroko. Kagami’s an amusing situation here since he’s managed to severely boost his strength, but not in the way others thought of.

Kagami ends up getting to test out what’s going on when he finds Midorima has come out to challenge him a little bit, or rather just to play with him. While Kagami knows from what’s been said, he’s changed and grown and can jump higher and stronger than before. But he hasn’t put together the how of it yet to really take it to the next level. Kagami’s frustration is palpable, which is made worse later when he goes for a run to try and figure it out and Kuroko appears out of nowhere next to him. While Kuroko doesn’t talk, he’s the perfect person to be there as he just talks aloud, letting it all come out as he tries to figure out what’s going on with his state of play and what’s missing.

The end of the training camp is pretty fun as well as evey thinks its time to head home, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. They’re actually close to where the Inter-High is being held at that time, which means a chance to see the other teams that moved on in action. There’s not a lot of action playing going on, but we get the lead-up to it well across both teams that are involved in the match and some good stuff with Seirin as well as they head to it and go through some of the final fallout of the training camp. It worked well overall to bring everyone together and push them forward in their growth and strength.

In Summary:
In a way, Kuroko’s Basketball is a bit weak here as it doesn’t really feel like we got a lot of growth out of the team as they went through the camp. We know that they grew, we had some examples, but when it comes to those like Kagami, it was more stated than shown, which is never a good way to go. It was even worse with Kuroko as it doesn’t feel like anything has changed fundamentally with him, though at least he’s now actually able to play unlike before. I like what they did overall and it had a good mix between the previous episode and this one with basketball, character material and just plain silliness. But it needs to really start moving forward soon in a much more engaging way for the team.

Grade: B

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