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Campione! Episode #09 Anime Review

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Does anyone really believe in death in anime anymore?

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The Review:
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With Kusanagi having taken an arrow to the heart at the end of the last episode, you can’t say you’re too surprised to find that he will survive in this one. With Athena being on the defensive about him, having her own reasons for wanting to ensure he continues on, she makes it clear that his position as a godslayer will help him heal and that the real battle is yet to come for him. But even though she’s gone the distance in a way to help out Kusanagi, she has her own machinations at play here and has others convey the real messages for him that are dealt with afterwards. Before that though, he has to actually recover, which means some inside his head time.

While the show has had some serious material as of late, his recovery time when he wakes up has some good fun as you have Liliana being taken advantage of in a way that gets her undressing for Kusanagi, not at his direction, in order to do more and please him. It’s very amusing even if the animation just feels weak and off. There’s some fun going on with how the various groups that operate with the godslayer interact, such as Erica’s backing gaining power since he favors her, though mostly because they ran into each other first, and that has others trying to get Liliana to try and make some headway with her group and getting closer to him. Of course, she’s so on edge with everything that she’s ready to kill just about everyone without any prodding.

While the two have an up and down kind of relationship for part of this episode, they do spend a good bit of time together which is fun to watch. Kusanagi’s the kind of guy who recognizes he doesn’t do any of this alone and has a lot of help from her along with others and makes it clear that he recognizes it and is grateful for it. While the two are on an amusing mock date for all intents, they do hit a lot of the usual bits and her very shy yet brash nature comes through very well. Her dream sequence is priceless as well as a piece that adds to the way her mind is all over the map. There is some minor story material brought into here, such as when Liliana and Athena finally talk later, which leads into the last couple of minutes, but the bulk of the episode is about the fun.

In Summary:
And the fun is definitely worth it here as another minor break from the more serious storytelling that we’ve generally gotten. By using the characters well and keeping it from being all about Kusanagi and Erica, and in fact making Erica a solid supporting character rather than a lead for much of it, it makes episodes focusing on the other girls less forced and more interesting because they’re all largely coming from the same level. There’s some very cute bits throughout here that works very well and even though it changes the tone of things from where we were in the previous episode, it’s a much needed moment of levity, mild fanservice and just plain silliness.

Grade: B

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