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Sengoku Collection / Parallel World Samurai Episode #22 Anime Review

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The hunt for Masamune is back on and now one of the Generals is after her as well.

What They Say:
Date Masamune is still on the run after escaping from prison. The Warring States General Countermeasures Department has enlisted the help of Katakura Kojuro, Masamune’s former instructor, to help track her down. Can she set aside her feelings and bring Masamune to justice?

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
While certain aspects of the show haven’t been covered well in some ways, others have done really good in exploring the characters and their situations. With this episode, we get a nod right at the start about something I do find interesting in how modern society has accepted these women and their pasts as something that actually happened from an alternate timeline. With some of them leading very open and popular lives, it makes sense that something happened with an investigation along the way. Bringing in the Warring States General Countermeasures Department as a way to track and deal with them gives it a bit more of a foundation showing that they can’t just completely get away with everything.

What we get in this episode is something that works off of there as one of the detectives in this agency is assigned to finding Masamune as she’s managed to keep herself hidden since we last saw her. What’s changed this time around is that the department has assigned the detective with a new partner in the form of Katakura Kojuro, a Warring States General herself and one that trained Masamune in the past. She’s intent on finding her, and her presence helps to expand a bit on how the real world, or at least parts of it, have adapted to these women being in their world and their impact on it.

The episode works as a fairly decent pairing as Kojuro and Higurashi search for her using various leads that get them to discover she moves a lot and those that do encounter her only have positive things to say overall as she helps them in her own way. As it goes on, we get some good bits of nuance from Higurashi and Kojuro as they talk and investigate, clueing us in more to her motivations and how Higurashi is dealing with the strangeness of this all. While this is all well and good and certainly interesting, it takes a really engaging turn when they do catch up with Masamune and we get a fascinating look at their relationship and some strong emotions that are well played. Masamune has not been a character I cared for in this series, but this is a really good sequence for her and says a lot about Kojuro.

In Summary:
With the uneven nature of the series where each episode or mini arc does something completely different, you never know what you’ll get. With Masamune being a key part here, though only at the end, I was definitely hesitant since I didn’t care for in previous viewings but the focus on Higurashi and Kojuro and an explanation of how some aspects of the world works with the Generals in it was definitely a plus and left me pleased. It’s simplistic to be sure, but that’s part of the appeal both with how the Department works and how we’ve seen many of the Generals adapt since coming into this world.

Grade: B+

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