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Falling Skies Season 2 Episode #10 – A More Perfect Union Review

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The fight is taken to the enemy, though not without its consequences.

What They Say:
A More Perfect Union – Skitters approach the new combined resistance force; Tom discovers life-changing news; the 2nd Mas faces a dangerous threat.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Having ended up meeting up with a large number of people after all the time that they’ve spent on the run and with their numbers dwindling, Of course, coming into this group means a whole new dynamic as we saw and even though it was someone that Tom knew as there’s a lot going on in the time since they formed up here. As we saw all of that fall out in plain view with a semi-coup, martial law and the personal fallout, the 2nd Mass basically walked into an explosive situation that could only get worse in just a few ways. Of course, that kicks off here at the start as the Skitter rebels lead by Redeye come storming into the place to try and form up with them to some degree.

Poor tactics all around it seems.

The reason for Redeye’s approach like this is interesting and it does come with some revelations. Discovering that the Overlord that the 2nd Mass was involved with previously was one of great importance highlights their overall lack of information when facing this superior force. With what they had in hand, it turns out that that particular Overlord was the one in charge of military operations for the entire east coast. And because of their cranial capacity, they store all their information completely within each Overlord, so they have no use for expansive computer networks or other devices. In essence, the 2nd Mass had a huge treasure and didn’t know it. And now Redeye is showing them a way to take it out and throw the entire region into military chaos, but they need humans to help do it. Which of course the General doesn’t trust in the slightest, which makes it easier to send off the 2nd Mass to do it.

The show takes its time in getting to the actual mission with a lot of character material, some of it goofy, some of it decent. The Skitters are threatened with a few loose cannons in the military from Charleston, Hal and Ben have a good heart to heart and there’s the whole silly but expected bit about the good doctor being pregnant yet hiding it from Tom in order to go on the mission. We also get a good cleaning up of the characters as several of them deal with the separation from the full on military side as most of the 2nd Mass fighters have proven that they’re going to be a thick thorn in the side of the General, making ti clear he’s better off without them around.

With the massive weapon at hand, pointing out into space no less, it’s not a surprise that as close as they get to doing something about it, it’s not going to go easily as the Skitters arrive with Karen in leading the way. And the Overlord as well as there are some real issues to be had between all of them after the recent encounters. It turns into a decent little encounter overall as she poses and postures, threatening and doling out pain to get answers since the Overlord doesn’t care about them in the slightest but wants to know more about the Skitter rebellion. It does go about as one would expect, including the rebels showing up at the last minute to save the day but suffering some causalities that changes the balance of emotions in a way that is predictable as it shows the overall evolution of how the 2nd Mass has dealt with the Skitters.

In Summary:
And unfortunately, that kind of sums up the second (and first) season of Falling Skies. Everything is by the numbers with how the characters act, the missions they go on and the overall results. We get a couple of little nuggets that are interesting here when it comes to the Overlords and we get some mild cast changes with a loss or two here that feels like it should mean more than it does, simply because we’ve not had real connections to these characters. Even when it gets down to its “surprise” trick ending with things, you kind of just nod as you know where it’ll go. As I’ve said before, Falling Skies would have been a strong series twenty years ago, but right now it’s a plain by the numbers serial with some decent bits here and there that’s not a bad way to pass the summer drought of new shows to watch.

Grade: B

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