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Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse Episode #07 Anime Review

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Swimsuits, stranded on an island and a rainstorm. It just begs more to happen.

What They Say:
Yui, Yuiuya and Cryska are trappe on a deserted island in the middle of a terrible rainstorm.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
To my surprise, the previous episode of the series worked out far more interesting than I expect it to, though it was front loaded with a lot of goofy stupidity and fanservice which made it a problem. Putting Yuuya into a position where he’s stuck on an island with Yui and Cryska with something like a week until they can be discovered to be lost and then found, it’s an opportunity for three very different sides to talk and work through some of their differences. But everyone brings so much baggage to the table that is’ going to be quite difficult after all they’ve seen and experienced. But it’s also that potential turning point where you feel like you know the characters better and more now.

The worst part is for Yuuya himself as he’s going to be caught between these two women, not that he doesn’t bring some of it on himself with his difficult personality. Yuuya’s luck in all of this is that he’s kind of oblivious to it and is just interested in making sure everyone is safe and gets back in one piece, whether it’s a day or two or the whole week that they think it may take. But with strong women like this, they’re not exactly keen on his take charge personality, which is warranted to a good degree since they’re both wounded and hurting from what happened that ended up putting them all in this situation to begin with, first with Cryska and then with Yui.

While the previous episode focused a fair bit on Yuuya and Yui, here it shifts to Yuuya and Cryska as she follows him out onto the island in an attempt to find out why he’s so different and why Inia is so drawn to him. It’s complicated and confusing to her, especially since she seems like she’s the type that has been kept separate and coddled for much of her life outside of miltiary service. But part of that is answered by her own body as she feels very comfortable around him in a way she didn’t expect, which of course adds more tension when Yui “catches” them together. This just leads to further complications but also makes welcome revelations about perceptions of each other that helps to explain certain prejudices that have been part and parcel of the series for awhile.

In Summary:
With the episode almost entirely focused on three characters sitting in a cave together or walking around briefly outside in the rain, we get a lot of solid dialogue that starts to work its way to the bottom of things. It’s a bit of circular approach at times but it does work through things and gets us all much more familiar with the trio, to the point where once they were bland and one dimensional but now feel more rounded and interesting. I do expect things will go back to fairly normal with some tweaks as it goes along, simply because of the way Yuuya is and how others will guide them into familiar paths, but we have some good potential out of all of this. And plenty of fanservice that was, while blunt, well done overall considering the dialogue and discoveries took the center stage.

Grade: B

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