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YuruYuri Season 2 Episode #05 Anime Review

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If ever there was a show that didn’t need the word lazy in an episode title.

What They Say:
“Lazy, Japanese Summer”

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
The fun of the cast continues in the latest installment of Yuru Yuri and with it being a hot, lazy summer in Japan for it, it’s not a surprise to ese this cast deal with some of the usual struggles. Hot days are a theme this season and of course, being a hot summer where I am, it definitely resonates. Kyoko’s issue at the start when the AC won’t turn on because the batteries in her remote have died is priceless and pure Kyoko. Her race to the kitchen to bask in the fridge is a given, but she takes it further when it’s revealed that the reason the batteries are dead is because she took them for her alarm clock some time ago. It’s a simple picture of her nature in a short sequence.

What this episode gives fans at the moment is a chance to have their favorite characters in their non-school clothes. We’ve had a few instances of it here and there, but a lot of it is school based or after school, so here we get them in shorts and t-shirts as they cope with the heat, enjoy some great summer meals and enjoy time together. It’s simplistic, but there’s something enjoyable about watching them unwind and relax in this manner. While we get some fun with things like this, we also get treated to some real Akarin style moments, such as when the gang decides to head out swimming together but she misses the train. It’s amusingly cinematic, but following her as she tries to catch up to the rest, all while wearing her bathing suit under her dress, clues us in to the problems she’s facing. Normal problems that can only be made worse by her personality.

This episode also spends its time running through a few other stories as well in short form, which is pretty fun. Seeing some of the smaller things they do brings a smile since they don’t have to drag it through the ground to stretch it out. One story brings us Sakurako as she deals with Himawari’s younger sister who has some biting remarks about Sakurako’s chest size. The innocence of youth definitely has its disadvantages as the kid has no filter and is just quick to the cut in a way that has her seeming all positive. And as if that’s not bad enough, having the pair of them go off to follow Akari for a bit in the summer heat to see what’s she’s up to doesn’t do Akari any favors as she comes off as even sillier than normal.

In Summary:
Yuruyuri hits some goo dnotes here as it deals with the summer heat and shows us how the cast copes. While we get the silliness that comes from Sakurako for example when she visits Himawari, it really is Kyoko and Akari that make this episode fun. The two of them are pretty different in so many ways, so seeing them cope with the heat is priceless. Kyoko’s nature is shown in full here where she’s her own worst enemy while Akari just can’t seem to handle life without it throwing lots of small curveballs her way. It’s cute, silly and fluffy fun but lacks some of the mildly meatier things we’ve seen in previous episodes. It’s also pretty tame on the raunchy side with only some fun poked at Sakurako, which I admit is one of the reasons I do like the show. So easing up on that a bit takes it down a notch for me.

Grade: B-

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