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‘Umineko: When They Cry’ Blu-ray Anime Solicitation Released

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NIS America made their big announcement this weekend with the pickup of Umineko: When They Cry, which is getting a subtitled only Blu-ray release. The solicitation information has shown up via Right Stuf for the two (part 1, part 2) premium edition releases and it’s certainly interesting and welcome to see the format used for it. The first set, retailing at $79.99, will contain the first eighteen episodes which comprises the first three arcs. It will also include a full-color, 28-page hardcover artbook providing a deeper understanding of the series with in-depth story analysis, detailed character bios, and character sketches, in premium showcase packaging.

The second set, clocking in at $49.99, will have episodes nineteen through twenty-six, which comprises the fourth arc of the season. In addition to the episodes and lower price, it too will have a full-color, 28-page hardcover artbook with in-depth story analysis, detailed character bios, and character sketches, in premium showcase packaging.

Both sets are due out on December 4th from the studio and the second set will have the added bonus of the clean versions of the opening and closing sequences.

Set 1 Concept: The affluent Ushiromiya family patriarch, Kinzo, is on his deathbed, and his family has assembled at their private island to discuss the division of his estate. As they bicker over their father’s immense inheritance, a typhoon closes in, trapping them on the island. They suddenly receive an eerie word of warning… and then, in the dead of night, the murders begin.

One by one, family members are discovered murdered in bizarre and inhuman ways. Some within the family turn to superstition, blaming it on a witch rumored to inhabit the island. But one of them – the young Battler Ushiromiya – refuses to accept the supernatural and vows to uncover the real killer behind the seemingly impossible slaughters. He soon finds himself confronted by the apparent witch, and enters into a life-or-death battle for the truth.

Set 2 Concept: Trapped on an isolated island in the middle of a raging typhoon, Battler Ushiromiya has found himself locked in an unending struggle with a woman calling herself the Golden Witch Beatrice to uncover the truth behind the gruesome murders of everyone in his family. Are these killings the supernatural work of an ageless witch, or is that just the cover story for a far more ruthlessly human plot?

As he searches for clues and draws closer to the truth, a mysterious young girl suddenly appears on the island. She claims she can help him, but could this fiery ally be nothing more than a trap set by the “witch” herself…?

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