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Crunchyroll Adds More Back Catalog Streaming With ‘Moyashimon, Angel Beats & Hell Girl’ Anime

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The Crunchyroll panel at Otakon today has brought out a few new things that will make people happy that they subscribe or take advantage of the free aspects of it, whether on the web directly or through various mobile devices and the upcoming PlayStation 3 app, as a few older shows will be making their way to the service. No details are yet available for launch windows and territories, but the panel announced the new streaming rights gained for the first season of the animated Moyashimon series will be coming, which makes sense since they’re simulcasting the the sequel with Moyashimon Returns.

In addition to that, they’ve added streaming rights to two series released on physical media by Sentai Filmworks with Angel Beats! and Hell Girl Season 2.

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