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Campione! Episode #04 Anime Review

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The fight against Athena takes center stage as she shows what she’s made of.

What They Say:
Godou will have to set aside his pacifist ways and go full on attack against the newly restored Athena.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
While the show won me over in the first episode and really made me want to see more, it felt like it faltered in the next two episodes by not being defined enough and going for more traditional school-ish material. The introduction of Athena in the previous episode was a mixed bag as well with the whole young girl body and old mind within it, something that has been part of the culture for years but annoys me at times. With Athena making her move all the stronger here in her search for Medusa, it’s putting Godou in a more problematic position since he’s still not entirely keen on what position he’s been thrust into since he favors peace over fighting.

What is welcome is that Godou doesn’t wait until the absolute last minute to actually take a stand and do something. While he’s not proactive (frankly, few characters in action anime shows are), he’s understanding of the position he’s in and does his best to work with Erica to deal with it. So seeing him going after Athena with Erica is good, even if a little more dialogue heavy than it needed to be, while also doing his best to take care of Yuri and keep her out of the way and protected. Unfortunately, his mistake was in thinking that her not being there with them would be the safest place to be when instead it’s exactly where Athena would go in order to get the Medusa stone that she needed in order to deal with her old nemesis.

Thankfully, as the episode moves forward, we get Athena taking on a form more in line with Godou and that helps to make things work better. As we’ve seen before with Godou, once he goes through that mental transformation to become the god killer, he has a different sort of intensity about him. It’s not that his personality is different, but he becomes firmer, confident and straightforward as he fights a seemingly impossible fight. And while elements of this fight against Athena feels like it was lifted from the Fate/Zero universe with the swords flying from everywhere, it’s a very strong piece that pits the two of them together. There’s a lot to like as the two battle it out here both in the dialogue and visuals. While the resolution may feel a little weak in a way, it does work in context to what Godou is all about, even if it frustrates Erica a bit.

In Summary:
Campione’s still proving to be one of the more interesting shows of the summer season with what it’s doing and the characters involved, but it also feels like it needs more immediate direction The shift back to Japan wasn’t a surprise, but it was unfortunate since it lets them go with some standard story ideas as subplots. Erica takes a pretty big back seat in this episode which I didn’t expect, but it did put the onus of the episode on Godou and he really does shine here with it. The female characters tend to dominate shows since most of the men in them are simpering little sods, so I’m definitely enjoying the more upright and confident Godou that we get, made only more so when he gets into his god killing mode. I’m still hopeful the series can really do more to stand out, but I suspect it’s just not going to reach as high as I would like.

Grade: B

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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