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Accel World Episode #16 Anime Review

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Haru’s struggles to fly now puts him in the face of someone who had even more reason to try.

What They Say:
Ash Roller takes Silver Crow to meet his master Sky Raker, previously known as the Burst Linker who came closest to flying in Accel World. Sky Raker explains the “Incarnate System,” which allows Burst Linkers access to their hidden powers.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With Haru having lost his wings and coming across an amusing character from the start of the series with Ash making a helpful appearance, Accel Saga is now in a curious place where it has the potential for some good dialogue and a bit of an info dump. Bringing Haru into contact with Sky Raker, the person who came closest to being able to fly like he does, gives him hope that he’ll find the right path back to getting them. But what becomes amusing about it is that she says plainly that when someone’s avatar like his loses something important like that, there’s a reason for it.

The conversation between the two is one that is kind of awkward to do, what with him in that powerful shell that’s faceless and her in her faceless shell while sitting in a wheelchair and wearing a proper little pink dress with a hat. We do of course get a look at what Haru is on the inside to provide the flash of emotion, but for Sky Raker, it all has to come from the dialogue and her revelation about the loss of legs and why it made her crave flying so much. That goes back to some of what Haru is all about in that he’s craved to fly in the same way, to be able to escape the bounds that limited him in the real world in a way like hers did. It’s also why he has no problem when she says that in order to do so, he has to go beyond the limits of the Burst Linker in order to do it.

Like any good teacher, Sky Raker sets things in a way that forces Haru to learn and grow on his own through adversity. Because nobody ever learns anything by being told plainly how to do it, of course. It does make for some good visuals, particularly the whole climbing aspect, and Haru’s properly motivated to do what needs to be done. In several ways. Haru goes through a good variety of situations and gets some fun little memory flashbacks that helps to inspire him, but the best stuff tends to come when Sky Raker talks about her experiences and the way she reached for the sky and how she pushed. It’s not heavily in-depth or anything, but there’s an earnestnest about it that helps to inspire Haru, which is half of the equation here.

In Summary:
While we do get a nice little nod into the real world towards the end when it comes to Sky Raker, the majority of this is all in the virtual world. There’s a lot to like about how Sky Raker does things even if it is fairly straightforward and predictable. Haru’s journey is one that you can easily see from early on but it’s achieved well here as he strives to work hard and to make others proud while also understanding more of what drives him. Seeing him work through doesn’t annoy as much as one might think since it’s not dragged out over multiple episodes and there’s a good connection that’s made here. Which made the end sequence before the credits resonate just a bit more as Haru discovers who she is in the real world and manages to inspire her as well. It’s not a side story here, it’s a needed part of the puzzle, but it could have been really poorly done. So I’m pretty pleased with the direction it’s taken here.

Grade: B

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