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Aesthetica Of A Rogue Hero Episode #02 Anime Review

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Powers like these in the hands of high school students is certainly dangerous.

What They Say:
Akatsuki and Miu attend their first day of school at BABEL. While Miu tries to fit in with her new environment, Akatsuki manages to get on everyone’s bad side.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With a rocky, chaotic and somewhat uninteresting first episode, I went into the second episode of Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero with some trepidation. I’ve certainly seen my fare share of bad first episodes that ended up going into very good series overall, so I’m intent on getting through a few of these before I make any serious decision about it. But the show started off weak enough that it wasn’t going to get a whole season benefit of the doubt like I give a lot of shows. The introduction of Akatsuki and Miu was done in such an awkward and needlessly complex way that it just rankled me with the method through which they did it. And now we find them moving into more familiar territory, namely the first day of school at BABEL.

With Miu struggling with a lot of issues in her head, she’s also going through the fun of the new school while trying to fit in, taking on the role of Akatsuki’s sister. It’s an easy enough segue into things conisdering the situation and there’s enough social politeness to not inquire too far. Because of the nature of things in the school, and Akatsuki’s attitude, it doesn’t take long for some of the other students to essentially gang up on him after getting him out of public view for a bit. It gives us a good look at the powers and variety used here by his opponents as they deal with disciplining him over an incident that happened in his classroom. It’s a rough first day from just that alone, but Akatsuki continues to be the type to just play it cool and let it roll off of him even as the threats are pretty blunt by the others.

While we do get this kind of intense side to things, there’s also some lighter material as Akatsuki and Miu make some minor friends and get into a little bit of levity and silliness. And nudity as well, though that’s not done in a way that requires whiting things out. The cast that grows here is definitely varied in certain ways, notably in hair color, but they’re all very outgoing in personality, making for a lot of bravado and outspoken bits. The show does get a little weird and silly towards the end with how Akatsuki deals with Miu and another classmate, showing his power and energy manipulation in a way to just mess with them. But what does it all mean? Not a lot, unfortunately…

In Summary:
So now that we’ve learned that Akatsuki can make girls go to the bathroom with his power and he knows the exact way to push them even further with a proper nibble, Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero leaves me wondering just what the point of it all is. While the first episode was chaotic in a lot of ways, it felt like things were going on. Here, we get the school based episode, some threats and some goofy material that may make sense later. But mostly, the show once again has left me wondering what the point is and why I should be watching. I like the character designs and colors of it all, it reminds me of some shows from about a decade ago like Solty Rei with its approach, but the story is just not there by any stretch at this point.

Grade: C-

Streamed By: FUNimation

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