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Exclusive: First Look At ‘Grandville Bete Noir’ & ‘Grendel Omnibus Vol. 2’ Cover Artwork

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The solicitations will hit tomorrow, but tonight we have an exclusive first look at a pair of covers for books landing from Dark Horse Comics this coming December. Dark Horse continues its run of intriguing new and old titles with the two covers included showing us the Grandeville Bete Noire hardcover from Bryan Talbot, a series that began in 2009, and the second Grendel Omnibus collection from Matt Wagner which includes Devil TalesDevil ChildDevil’s Legacy, and The Devil Inside for 552 pages of pure Grendel awesomeness.

Check out the full cover artwork and details below.


Bryan Talbot (W/A/Cover)

  • On sale Dec 12
  • FC, 104 pages
  • $19.99
  • HC, 8″ x 11″

The baffling murder of a famed Parisian artist in his locked and guarded studio takes the tenacious Detective Inspector LeBrock of Scotland Yard and his faithful adjunct, Detective Ratzi, into the cutthroat Grandville art scene to track the mysterious assassin. As the body count mounts and events spiral out of control, the investigation points to Toad Hall, where a cabal of industrialists and fat cats plot the overthrow of the French State . . . by use of steam-driven automaton soldiers!

  • Grandville was nominated for an Eisner Award and a Hugo Award.
  •  Also look for Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes and Cherubs from Dark Horse.

“The universe Talbot creates is visually stunning and intellectually engaging.”


Matt Wagner (W/A), Diana Schutz (W), Tim Sale (A), Arnold Pander (A), Jacob Pander (A), and Bernie Mireault (A)

  • On sale Dec 5
  • FC, 552 pages
  • $24.99
  • TP, 6″ x 9″

The legacy of Hunter Rose lives on through the tortured life of Rose’s adopted daughter Stacy, and once again finds full bloom in Stacy’s own daughter Christine Spar. Reviving Grendel’s reign of terror, Spar leads the way for its murderous identity to claim more hosts, each more powerful than the last, and more malicious! This volume also contains Wagner’s return as writer and artist, in a series of groundbreaking stories looking back on the career of Hunter Rose. Collects Devil TalesDevil ChildDevil’s Legacy, and The Devil Inside trade paperbacks.

  • The complete series, collected for the first time!
  • Featuring art by Matt Wagner, Tim Sale, Arnold & Jacob Pander, and Bernie Mireault!