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Chitose Get You Episode #01 Anime Review

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Ah, the days when a young girl fawns over her teacher. Remember when that wasn’t creepy?

What They Say:
Chitose explains how fate brought her togeather with her Onii-chan.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Based on the manga series by Etsuya Mashima, which has seven volumes out since it began in 2002, the anime series comes from Silver Link, which is an easy one to do since it’s another of the three minutes per episode kind of shows. The show focuses on Chitose, an eleven year old girl who has the hots for an older man that’s only known as Onii-chan. Her life is a hard one because of the age difference but there’s also an evil female teacher, in her view, that separates the honest and true love that the two share. She has a kind of silly reason for being into him, as he saved her from a dog that certainly wasn’t a threat, and she became completely fixated on him after that. It serves to show the basis for things and through the way Chitose explains it, we see some of how she is as a young girl.

In Summary:
With this being a three minute show, it has to move quick to do things. Having watched a few of these kinds of shows, Chitose Get You doesn’t go as hard and fast as some others with the humor, instead having a bit of a slower and nicer appeal to it even if it is working with the potentially creepy angle of teacher and student. With little in the way known about the teachers so far and what the real involvement is, it doesn’t come across badly and has a little bit of charm about it from the designs and the way Chitose presents herself. I can easily see this as a series that you can down in a half hour once it’s all done and enjoy it, but it may not have the “gimme more” quality that you can get from watching Poyopoyo.

Grade: B-

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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