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Accel World Episode #11 Anime Review

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The hunt is on but there are other obstacles to face first.

What They Say:
During their hunt for Chrome Disaster, the Nega Nebulous is ambushed by the Yellow Legion led by Yellow Radio, a.k.a. the Yellow King. Yellow Radio takes advantage of the non-aggression pact shared between the other kings.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Accel World set things on a bit of a proactive approach in the previous episode with the group going out to look for Chrome Disaster first so they aren’t caught in any trap he may lay down. We got to see a bit more of the Accel World itself which was pretty interesting in how things operate outside of individual zones, especially where there are groups working together to achieve goals, but it didn’t take long for everyone to run into a bigger problem. Coming across the Yellow King and members of his Legion certainly brings in something new to the series, especially since his game world avatar is pretty much crazy looking, reminiscent of the Joker from the Batman world for me.

That confrontation doesn’t exactly turn out like anyone expects though because the Yellow King doesn’t play by the rules set among the other kings where they won’t actively go against each other. It’s a nice idea in general, but all it take sis one participant to not participate and it all turns to crap pretty quickly. And as powerful as the kings can get, and with the Yellow Legion at his hand, everything essentially gangs up on Haru and his group, proving to be nearly fatal in how they go about attempting to take all of them down, Cyan Pile included. Of course, this means the others can go after him as well and that has Yuniko ready to really crush him for all his offenses and she has the personality and presence in her pint sized form to really make an impact on his Legion before she even gets a single shot off.

The episode gives us a lot of good action with all the members of the group and the varied pawns that the Yellow King employs. It uses an expected bit of back and forth on who seems to be winning at times, but it also features some real and expected whining coming out of Haru as events don’t quite go as he’d like, especially with Kuroyuki. She doesn’t make out too well at times here, but when she puts it all in and goes at it, it’s a reminder why she’s as tough and impressive as she is. It hits some very good notes as it goes along here in terms of the action and stylish nature, which is certainly appealing, but it also teases a new big bad towards the end that I suspect won’t reshape the series but will add a new dimension to it.

In Summary:
Having several of these characters working together at this stage isn’t a bad thing and it helps to keep it from being a very small series without a lot of diversity. I do like some aspects of this group but I admit that I really liked it when it focused on just Kuroyuki and Haru and the unusual relationship that was starting to brew there. Here we’re focused more on the action than anything else and it does work and shifts things around a bit, but I really don’t feel a great connection to it for some reason. It’s enjoyable enough but even with characters like Cyan Pile and who he really is, it just doesn’t connect for me. Add in Yuniko and I cringe a bit, wanting to return to those early episodes again.

Grade: B-

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