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Hiiro No Kakera Episode #12 Anime Review

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The patrols continue, at least until Logos finally gets serious.

What They Say:
Tamaki and the others come to know the true meaning of living together in the Ugaya house. They simultaneously sense the attack on the remaining seal. The Shugogo house splits into two groups and ambushes the attacking Logos. The battle for the Onikirimaru enters the final stage

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With a kind of uneasy balance having been established at this point with everyone and events within the guardians having settled down some, life is still back to a relative normal in a way that still feels weird. They’re doing some things right in protecting the seals and performing patrols on them to make sure the remaining ones are intact, but it’s a completely defensive operation at this point. We’ve learned some things about Logos and I do like that Tamaki is setting a good tone overall, but this is leaving them in a position of reacting more than anything else, waiting until the enemy strikes again and throws them into disarray. At least they should all be on the same page now in working together to defend the seals and Tamaki.

While this is in effect and shows that the group is doing their best at the moment, it also means the show can turn to more mundane matters such as school, food and hanging out. In a relatively empty town .The first half has its moments where it’s cute and appealing in doing this, letting us see her with a couple of the guys while having all of this more serious material in the background. But it’s also just a preamble to what’s to come as the sun sets and the sky changes, giving us the right atmosphere for the arrival of two members from Logos that are going after the seals now. With Tamaki being more clued in to things at this point, it makes it easier for the group to react to their arrival.

A good bit of action dominates the second half as more and mor eof Logos arrives and they manage to do something pretty significant to Tamaki, throwing her completely down in a way that weakens her overall. It’s not so much that Logos was holding back before, but it seems more like they’re just being blunt and going for things this time around. But even then the action takes some slow turns where instead of just going hard and fast, the Logos fighters are almost leisurely going about it. All of this happening in the midst of a seal that they want to take down gives it some good atmosphere, something the series is very good at, and it drives home how the loss of each one now does a real number on Tamaki in a very big way.

In Summary:
Hiiro no Kakera continues to be a very frustrating series in many ways. I really like it in terms of design and style and the story itself, but it’s gone from something that felt like it was moving at a decent pace to a show that’s now plodding along almost aimlessly. And even when it does ramp things up, you can’t help but to feel that the villains aren’t putting their heart into it in a lot of ways. This episode has some good stuff, the fight in particular and even some of the atmosphere early on, but by this point I think it needs a heck of a lot more in order to really define itself and move into the second half of its run. It’s almost seeming like a series that really needed to be half the length that it got approved for.

Grade: B-

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