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Moretsu Pirates Episode #24 Anime Review

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Marika’s battle against the pirate hunter leads her to some tense but useful moments.

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The Review:
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As the show has expanded its view a bit with a look into the past as well as the way the larger empire is making some inroads in the series, there’s been a lot to like. Getting to see more of how things fit into a larger narrative is always appealing since so many things that happen on a smaller level are affected by the bigger level. With Marika, she’s gone and learned a lot about being a pirate in the series so far, but they’ve gone and worked in both the business and politics of it as well to a larger than usual degree. Which has given it a bit more heft and weight than some other lighter shows. While it has kept the action kind of light, it’s more for a more thoughtful show overall.

Which is why the opening half here is a lot of fun as it deals mostly with the action, having Marika and the crew deal with the pirate hunter ship that’s been zigzagging all over the place in an effort to take them out like they have so many other ships in recent weeks. The crew as a whole performs well as one would expect, but it’s seeing how Marika makes some snap judgments based off of snippets of things said over the course of the story so far to put it all together and figure out how to stave it off. While we don’t get a victory here, it’s the kind of victory where survival is a big part of things and achieving that is something more than just about everyone else who has encountered it has done.

And that survival has given Marika a lot of ideas about how they can outfit themselves in order to fight back in the next encounter. Which is useful since she’s meeting up at the pirates nest where the song from the previous episode has drawn many of the remaining pirates of the system, most of which she has never met before. Marika’s status is still what you’d expect considering her overall experience and time of service, but there’s something to be said for what she’s accomplished overall. And other captains do afford her the right respect as well, which makes for some real fun in seeing how she handles all of it. She also gets an additional challenge here when she’s confronted by the enemy in personal fashion who doesn’t quite make things clearer, but does it with a stylish outfit and making claims about how pirates aren’t needed in this day and age and should therefore be eliminated.

In Summary:
Moretsu Pirates works through some rather good material here overall and brings in a lot more action than we’ve normally seen for the series. In some ways it feels like we get more action in this one episode than we have in all the series so far. Which isn’t true, but it gives that kind of feeling. The first half deals with the space action well, we get some more personal bits in the second half but we also get some solid pirate-ness in the pirates nest where Marika is retrofitting her ship to handle the threat she now understands more. It’s kind of relaxed in some ways, but it has that good calm in the middle of the storm before things get ready to go big and get resolved.

Grade: B

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