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Sengoku Collection / Parallel World Samurai Episode #11 Anime Review

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The life of a con artist seems fairly straightforward here.

What They Say:
The Ramberg Embassy has been turned into an illegal casino. The daughter of the blackmailed Ambassador goes looking for help destroying the casino. less

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With the series shifting its narrative around a lot to different characters, it’s definitely a show that can keep you guessing from week to week what it will do. The last two episodes were part of a two part storyline and in a lot of ways it worked, but it also showed the weakness in spreading things out. With this episode, things shift in a different direction as we follow a young woman who is trying to do right by her father and protect him. He’s ended up becoming blackmailed by some less than reputable types that want to take advantage of him and he’s stuck with no recourse at this point. What he does have though is a daughter that, as naive and unworldly as she might seem, has the guts to go and find herself a gambler to help out.

Luckily, her venture into the unseemly side of the city has landed her someone that can help her out of the situation, or at least try. What the daughter has gotten though isn’t quite what she expected as her gambler that plays big and wins big isn’t actually a gambler but rather a con artist. Going by the name of the Brutal Maiden, she certainly has a striking look but also a soft side as she’s been drawn into helping out the daughter, something she didn’t expect would happen. There’s a nice moment of introspection where she wonders why she’s doing it, thinking it has to be that they’re kindred spirits, what with her being from another world and the ambassador’s daughter being from another country. The challenge of taking down a casino is certainly intriguing though and she likes the way the daughter has stepped up to try and help.

As the Brutal Maiden makes her way through the casino, she works her magic on a number of patrons and really does a fun job in taking advantage of many men. She’s found her way to work the con pretty well and is using just about everyone to accomplish her goal, but she’s also blunt about it when confronted with what she’s doing, which is a fun little twist. It’s kind of a convoluted way to bring things to an end for the casino that’s operating there, but the real fun is just in watching as the Brutal Maiden works her magic. Having long been a fan of movies about casinos and heist movies, there’s a lot to like here with how this unfolds, even if you don’t really feel much for any of the characters.

In Summary:
Sengoku Collection has a bit of an awkward episode here, not even naming its lead until the final minute or two of the episode and instead letting her run with the name of Brutal Maiden. The story has some strong moments to it as it showcases how she screws over the illegal casino with a smile and a wink, though also some choice words to let them know what she’s doing. Con artists can be fun to watch, but most of the time they’re shown to be pretty self destructive or far too helpful to others. She does get sucked into a story here though like a lot of them do but it’s done well enough to make me smile, but not enough to really get me behind the character or find all that much about her interesting outside of the con she’s in the middle of. It does look good though and has a solid sense of style to keep it fun and enjoyable.

Grade: C+

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