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One Piece Episode #550 Anime Review

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Things start to fall apart in the city as Hordy’s crew makes further inroads in terrorizing everyone.

What They Say:
The clock ticks closer to Neptune’s execution as the Neptune brothers move towards a confrontation with Hordy at Conchcorde Plaza – but as Hordy takes more and more Energy Steroid to kill the pain from Zoro’s attack, an overdose has unexpected consequences!

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With a lot of things going on in the series, it’s actually a bit different than it has been for awhile simply because everyone is relatively close and operating in the same area. We’ve had a lot of focus on the past in order to beef up the connections in the present, and that’s definitely helped overall. While Hordy has not become a real villain for me in a lot of ways, he’s at least going big in scale here with how he wants to execute Neptune. He’s not playing small when you get down to it, which is what a lot of villains often feel like. One Piece tends to avoid that for the most part and this one really isn’t an exception.

Hordy’s interested in making this the era of the Fish-Men but he’s also not concerned about the Island itself falling, at least going by the way it’s being destroyed. What’s a welcome change here is that the hopes everyone has isn’t placed in Luffy and his crew but rather the Neptune brothers themselves, which makes a heck of a lot more sense. It lets us see a more realistic way the base citizenry would feel about all of this. Of course, the residents are starting to panic in a new way as well, and even Hordy’s crew is as well, as one of his master swordsman is getting drunk now and is starting to pose a potential danger to them as well. The attempts by some of the regular citizens to push back goes about as expected across the board though since all of Hordy’s main crew are quite gifted.

A lot of this episode kind of moves across the different parts of the island as the weird and varied things that Hordy has are shown causing all sorts of trouble, though they’re not completely dominating events. What becomes more and more evident is that a lot of those standout members of Hordy’s crew are becoming off balanced in dangerous ways to their own side. Some of it is amusing, some of it is cute while other parts turn pretty dangerous as one might expect. Hordy himself is undergoing a transition phase because of what he’s had to do in order to hold everything together and it’s having a significant impact on him that moves him to a whole other level. A level where you can see that even his own men will be at risk. He’s not been a bad villain up until this point, but now he’s at a level where he reaches the kind of scale that Luffy and the others have faced often.

In Summary:
One Piece doesn’t take a curious turn here but rather a predictable one as it focuses on the fallout across the island and how the regular citizens are coping. It’s good to see their hopes placed in their king, who is being taken to his execution, but it’s also good to see that some of Hordy’s troops aren’t the most disciplined and are just having some amount of deadly fun. All of it is prelude to what happens at the end as Hordy’s own machinations are about to change him in a significant way, one that will make him a truly tougher opponent but also one that will bring the Straw Hats into play quicker rather than later. We get only the briefest of inclusions of them here which is kind of off-putting, but the overall effect is a decent one.

Grade: B

Streamed By: FUNimation

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