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Hunter X Hunter Episode #34 Anime Review

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Gon and Killua make their move when it comes to those that are threatening them through Zushi.

What They Say:
Gon has fights against Gido and Riehlvelt coming up. He’s still mad about what they did to Zushi. Gon is able to withstand Gido’s attacks and overwhelm him in battle. This causes Hisoka to smile.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With their growth in using Ren and Nen, Gon and Killua have definitely moved up the charts a bit in their own way. It’s why they’re garnering more attention and having some of thoes that are close to being pushed out of the upper floors to try and use them as a way to stay and enhance their own reputation. That’s something that Killua won’t let stand though and is able to make clear with one of them in a powerful way, one that truly draws on all he learned from his family business. Seeing the intensity in his eyes is something that we’ve come close to a few times before, but it’s here that it feels like it goes a whole other level in intensity. And it pushes one of the trio out of the running in trying to do something with them, leaving just Gido and Rihlvelt left trying to take advantage of Gon and Killua.

There’s a lot of hopefulness on that pairs part in going against Gon in the upcoming matches, since they have so much to gain if they can become Floor Masters. But Gon and Killua are spending most of their time training with Wing and really getting stronger and more capable with every turn. And for Gon, a lot of this is also personal at this point because of what that trio did to Zushi before, so he’s using his sense of justice being meted out as a big motivation. It’s pretty fun to see him being very serious and coming up with tricks in order to deal with Gido and his spinning top ability in a way that nobody saw. When it comes to matches at this level, it’s like life in that anything goes in your effort to defeat your opponent. And when your opponent’s entire method is just a trick, it’s not that hard when you get down to it.

When it comes to Killua’s match, he does play things much as we’ve seen him in past matches where there’s a cool calmness about him. It’s the kind of approach that has worked, but it’s also now backed up by a lot more as he’s spent so much time training and enhancing his abilities and skills. Taking what he’s learned and applying it with his family’s history definitely makes him far more impressive. Having the boys wipe the floor with the threats presented to them is definitely a smart approach as opposed to dragging it out since they’ve faced far worse opponents. And it highlights just how smoothly they’ve grown overall since coming to this floor and working with Wing on the Ren and Nen.

In Summary:
Hunter x Hunter moves things along well enough here and provides for an episode that is largely focused on the action and matches. We’ve had a good bit of it overall but the focus has been mor eon the characters themselves recently, the training and Gon’s prior recovery period. Here we get to see the boys really just going at it and having fun, which works really well here since they bring in a good sense of the serious but also a sense of humor to it as well. The darker edges are there as well though as Hisoka continues to watch on as the little apple he didn’t pluck yet has ripened more and more, becoming what he had hoped he would be so he could have someone to face off of. And that’s something that Gon has wanted for quite awhile now considering what happened back during the Hunter Exam. Seeing them edge closer to it makes it pretty damn exciting.

Grade: B+

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