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Star Wars Thursday: Good To Be A Fangirl Edition

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I was poking around online, waiting for inspiration to strike me for this week’s post, when I ran across this Star Wars Gansta video.

No, this post isn’t dedicated to gangsters, or even rap music. Instead, as I started singing, “ain’t it good to be a gansta?” the lyrics changed in my mind to “ain’t it good to be a fangirl?” Indeed, this is a fine time to be a woman who loves the Star Wars saga. It seems almost every day I discover new ways to express my Star Wars fandom in a feminine way. So whether it’s you or someone you love who is a fangirl; grab your lightsaber or blaster and come along for the ride.

This shirt was my most recent purchase. I wore it twice in one weekend, and smiled every time I caught my reflection in the mirror. I kept murmuring some of my favorite lines, though, and I may have gotten some odd glances when I muttered “scruffy looking nerf herder” under my breath.

Her Universe released new designs as part of the Star Wars Weekends. From the children’s “self-rescuing princess” shirt to the Sith tank for adult sizes, there is something to help you let your fangirl flag fly – no matter what your age or allegiance. The header image is also a Her Universe design!

Prefer fancy shoes with sparkles or heels? On Monday “The Look” on MSNBC ran an interview with Amy Ratcliff to share her geeky shoe crafting party. Check it out for pictures and directions for making your own R2D2 or Star Wars comics shoes. She’s a great follow on Twitter, too – find her @amy_geek.

Even ruffled fancy little girls can join in the fun. After all, Leia and Padme knew how to hit the town in style, right? This little girl’s dress is available on Etsy from BabyThreadsByLiz.

Could we even end up with pink lightsabers? While I’m not a big fan of the color pink myself, I know many girls love it. Take a moment to read this post at Fangirlblog about welcoming women and girls into Star Wars fandom.

So sing it with me Leia , Ahsoka, and Padme. Belt it out Jaina , Shae, and Tasha. It is, indeed, good to be a fangirl. Until next week – may the Force be with you.