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Lupin the Third, The Woman Called Fujiko Mine Episode #06 Anime Review

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Sex, lies, and audio tape… Just another typical day for Fujiko.

What They Say:
Fujiko infiltrates a Catholic girls’ school and sets about stealing all the maidens’ hearts to pave the way for an even bigger theft. But Oscar knows exactly what she’s up to, and he’s got a plan to stop her.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Fujiko has been quite a departure from its animated roots and takes a step past the more ribald nature of its manga roots with this episode. Fujiko is after the second half of a revolutionary scientific paper and must pose as a teacher in a Catholic school for girls. All of the students have eyes for Fujiko, but Fujiko’s eyes are on the prize hanging around Isolde’s, the daughter of the scientist, neck.

However, she is not the only one in disguise; Isolde is really Oscar hell bent on capturing Fujiko and Lupin to win the favor and admiration of his mentor Zenigata. What follows is a fairly standard set of twists that result in Fujiko and Lupin splitting the loot while Oscar is empty handed and humiliated. While the previous episode featured some great action, this series is more about character study, and that is what made this episode intriguing.

First, there has yet to be a character whose moral compass points anywhere near north, and Oscar proves that his is no exception. He may be repulsed by Fujiko’s lasciviousness but also finds himself oddly attracted to it. His hatred of her is also hatred of something within him. It might also be his jealousy that Fujiko enjoys the warm of embrace of Zenigata, something that will likely never happen for Oscar.

The setting for this episode was also amusingly appropriate. Fujiko manages to teach Oscar a number of lessons and exposes him as just as naïve and inexperienced as the students. Fujiko may have found a suitor and rival in Lupin, but she has just made Oscar her mortal enemy. Finally, we are also treated to another bizarre look into Fujiko’s "past".

It is difficult to say where they are taking these bits, as they come at disjointed times. One was a waking memory, while this one came during a period of unconsciousness. Are these skewed memories of her actual past? Subconscious self-psychoanalysis? A latent fear of owls? While my curiosity is piqued, this is a plot thread that does not necessarily need complete resolution but needs some form of pay off for all these teases.

In Summary:
Fujiko continues to push the boundaries the franchise has established over the decades but still delivered a fairly standard plot with predictable twists. However, each episode is more of a character study, and Oscar’s turn under the microscope was most interesting. Turns out his is just as naïve and gullible as a school girl. Having another peek into Fujiko’s "past" was also tantalizing. With the series half over, I am content to enjoy the episodes for what they are but am hoping they follow this thread to some sort of revelation if not conclusion.

Grade: B+

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