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Upotte!! Episode #06 Anime Review

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The exam concludes, but not without a twist or two.

What They Say:
Sako has shown she will do anything to win the competition and take over the school. Aug wants to get close to Funco, but getting a chance to talk her is proving to be impossible.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With the exam going on in the field, doing the full on battle mode, Sako has managed to take down quite a few people even as those we’re more familiar with are doing their best to fight back. It’s gotten complicated along the way at times because Sako has mastered the right moves to deal with each of the individual girls and their particular gun-quirks. With Sig being taken down from a distance and another girl in the muck after being brutalized, it’s just sad in a way to watch it unfold. But you have to give it to Eru that she’s doing her best to try even if she can’t quite bring herself to do it. Showing her with weakness does fit, but it also makes it harder to connect with her if she can’t fulfill what she’s plainly designed to do.

What we do get here is a clearer picture of what’s going on, at least Ichiroku does, as she is told plainly about what it is that Sako does in taking down the leaders of various schools to show her skill. Not that Ichiroku considers herself a leader here, but she is plainly one of the better students in the school even if she’s pretty dismissive of some of her fellow classmates, which we saw previously when it came to Eru. What becomes amusing is seeing just how high and mighty Sako is when she manages to at least slow down Ichiroku, believing that she had taken her down. It’s an interesting take from Ichiroku about where she stands, one that does make sense but also doesn’t feel like it truly belongs coming out of her mouth after what had happened in the previous episode.

This match up does take up more than half the episode so we get plenty of action and spitfire talking going on as the girls go at it. The fallout from it is pretty minimal overall and that lets us just get to the simplicity of the school life itself, letting us see the girls/guns going on about their lives and their particular quirks. There’s some silliness and fun to it, but the whole show just continues to have that strange vibe about it that I can’t quite put my finger on. It has fun with the characters and how they are girls that are guns, and even shifts the style of the animation in one or two places to good comedic effect, but there’s something about the premise that’s still feeling very off for me.

In Summary:
While there is a reconcillation of sorts and the whole “we’re all in this together” kind of mentality that comes up with the girls after they deal with Sako, it’s all pretty superficial at best considering the way it’s been hard to get into this show from the get go. The action isn’t really highly evolved here or anything or animated in a way to really catch your eye, but at the same time it does feel more realistic in how these kinds of encounters and exams would go. It isn’t overly stylized or the drama ratcheted to far too tense levels, but it captures how these girls would handle the situation considering their origins. When it shifts to the slice of life mild comedy afterwards with their interactions, that feels like it loses some steam, especially with the focus on Aug who is trying to set things right with Funco about something that’s just pretty pointless. But a lot of the series feels that way.

Grade: C

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