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Questioning Fandom: What’s Your Spring 2012 Anime Simulcast Status

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The spring 2012 anime season has been pretty massive in terms of the number of shows that are getting simulcast, to say the least, but the general consensus is that we’re also getting a much wider range of shows and fewer of the “cutsie” moe shows that have populated past seasons, though they’re not completely absent from the schedule. The variety of this season and the way very few shows feel like they overlap with each other has definitely made it hard in that before you could drop a show because another one was doing the same concept but better. And for people like me, there’s just so much variety that you want to sample it all as quickly as possible. Even more interesting this time around, there are more shows that got licensed for future home video release at the time of streaming beginning than ever before.

But now that we’re at the halfway mark for many series, the question has to be asked, have you kept up with everything?

For us here at the Fandom Post, we’re reviewing 32 – thirty two– simulcasts in addition to our array of manga, DVD and Blu-ray reviews. Out of the thirty two, shows, I’m doing twenty-seven of them and Luis, Sean, Greg and Thom are stepping in to help with some of the others. It is an absolutely crazy season. Many people start off with a few shows, drop some and pick up others along the way. So far, we’ve only dropped one series, Zetman, and almost dropped Accel World but it managed to pull out some neat tricks.

So at this stage of the game, we want to know what shows you’re watching, what you’ve dropped and what you’ve added after a few episodes were out. What’s stood out as the cream of the crop of the season and what you thought was utter trash?

Sound off in our comments section below (via Twitter, Facebook and other services) or drop in to our forum for the subject and let us know. No registration is required for that particular section, though you can certainly register and you can connect via Facebook as well to post.

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