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A Game Of Thrones – A Man Without Honor Review

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The series has been light on sex lately but it has a bit of fun with it this time around.

What They Say:
A Man Without Honor – Jaime meets a relative; Dany receives an invitation to the House of the Undying; Theon leads a search party; Jon gets lost in the wilderness.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
As the build continues with the series, events are progressing further and further but there is still a whole lot going on with so many story lines that even when it moves slowly it doesn’t feel dull by any means. Sometimes it’s just the humor that works in a situation, not exactly intentional, that lets it engage more. Case in point is Theon’s mindset when he finds out that Bran escaped and there are those that think they can practically mock him over it. He has a lot to prove in his mind and is being as cold and brutal as he can be, but there are things that keep him from going the distance at times. Watching how he deals with trying to secure his position and cope with so many aspects that are working against him almost has you feeling sorry for him, especially considering what happened to him as a child.

Events like that are spilling out throughout the series at this point as so many different things are going on. Jon’s journey in the north with Ygritt is rather amusing since it focuses on sexual things for a bit, but it also leads to the larger problem between the people of the north and those of Winterfell in how just perhaps they should not be fighting each other as they’re both long of the lands. Harrenhal isn’t much better even with the different number of people there, though the population of Harrenhal is dropping. With one of Tywin’s men dead, killed by wolfsbane of all things, he’s killing quite a few people to find out who was trying to kill him, not realizing that they weren’t actually after him. The interplay between Arya and Tywin has been very engaging to watch from the start because of what Arya knows, so seeing the temptations she has, especially as Tywin reveals things, is probably one of the more tense aspects of the series at this point.

Daenerys time in Qarth is just getting worse and worse as she stays there, especially now that she’s lost quite a few of her people there and the dragons as well. There are interesting movements to be had from the council in regards to what’s going on, but the real focus is on on Daenerys herself as she’s feeling more and more isolated but knows exactly what she needs. While she’s told not to trust the people of Qarth, it has her asking the question as to who her people are. The talk of those in Westeros leaves you grinning at the possibility, but the real truth here feels like Daenerys’ real people may just be the dragons and that’s such an intriguing idea.

We haven’t had too much of Jaime for a bit but he really has a truly beautiful sequence here filled with the kind of violence that befits him. It’s the kind where he’s so silver tongued, so easily able to connect with someone, that he can manipulate them into what he needs and then takes it with quick, brutal ease. There’s a good sense of background provided here when it comes to what it means to be a Lannister, and not just from the “main” family, but also to know what’s deep in Jaime’s soul because of how he operates.

In Summary:
Game of Thrones works through a number of events here, but the one that it’ll be most memorable for is how Jaime’s story plays out. He’s working an angle, or at least you hope he is, but everything is very close to the line. With what he’s been close to over the years in the court, the events with Cersei and others, he’s seen his share of intrigue and you have to figure he can use it when necessary. Similarly, seeing events in Qarth unfold is really fascinating as Daenerys is being taken advantage of as there are elements of the Thirteen that’s trying to change the nature of the series. Watching it unfold is really neat, especially since it plays more with magic, or at least parlor tricks, to make its point. Daenerys is a catalyst for change to be sure because of the dragons, so it’s far from a surprise to see some trying to use her for their own ends. The show has a heck of a lot going on here and each new piece is building towards more but still leaving so much open as to how it’ll come together.

Grade: B+

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