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Questioning Fandom: Do You Share Your Interests?

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When it comes to any fandom, especially in the Internet days, it’s easy to find other like minded people to talk about your interests. Having been involved in our own forums for well over a decade and a few others, as well as numerous social media sites, it’s definitely not hard to connect with others and get involved. There’s a bit of a vicious circle when it comes to just sharing within the familiar social circles that it ends up just feeding on itself and not truly growing in a substantial way, just small increments at best.

When you’re into something, especially when you’re younger, you tend to want to share it with as many people as possible since it’s something brand new (to you) and very fun, cool or interesting. I see this in particular with my own kids, especially my eldest and her set of friends who suddenly discover things that have been around for years, or decades, and proclaim a new found love. Seeing how they share their interests with each other is definitely fascinating since there often isn’t a lot of predisposition towards anything. With my daughter, she gets access to a slew of entertainment through me, so she’s a bit more well rounded already.

For myself, I do a whole lot of sharing with the people around me in my life that aren’t into the same things. Some of it happens on social media sites, such as Facebook where I really don’t talk about anime much for example, but have extolled the value of tuning in for the Teen Wolf series or a particular movie off the beaten path. On Twitter, folks get to see me talking about a number of broadcast shows via GetGlue, including movies, which has lead to some really fun discussions about those properties as well as the discovery of other things that are similar or suggested that they had seen. That in turn gets me into new things.

When I was in my teens and early twenties, there was a whole lot of in-person sharing of comics and anime, to the point where a few friends and I would pick particular series to get and then share them off with each other so we could get to enjoy all that we wanted to. So what we want to know is, do you share your varied interests beyond things like a forum or a particular group that’s already interested in the same things? Do you suggest and prod people to try shows and entertainment that you like that they may not have heard of? And if so, how well has it gone over, such as the big successes and or the unfortunate failures?

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