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‘Green Lantern: The Animated Series’ Gets First DVD Release Set

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With the series doing well on Cartoon network as part of the DC Nation block, Warner Home Video is gearing up for the first home video release and is thankfully not breaking it down as poorly as they did with Young Justice. The first Green Lantern: The Animated Series release will be a two disc collection with the first thirteen episodes of the series that will land on August 28th for $19.97. Previous shows have gotten a handful of episodes at a time as individual volumes later collected into various “Part” releases.

No extras or other details are yet available and it is only a DVD release.

Synopsis: Warner Bros. Animation is bringing the Green Lantern to television in an all-new CG animated action series from world-renowned producer, artist and animator Bruce Timm (Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League, Teen Titans, Batman Beyond, DC Universe Original Animated Movies). Based upon the DC Comics super hero, the 26-episode Green Lantern: The Animated Series will debut in 2011. As Earth’s Green Lantern, Hall Jordan is used to being in dangerous situations- but he’s never faced anything like this! Set at the farthest reaches of deep space, Green Lantern: The Animated Series finds Hal on the Guardian Frontier, where he must face down an invasion from the Red Lantern Corps. Powered by pure rage. The evil Red Lanterns have sworn to destroy the Green Lantern Corps and everything they stand for. Dispatched with his friend and former drill sargeant- the gruff, hulking alien Kilowog – on the experimental spacecraft The Interceptor, Hal is soon joined by an all-new group of heroes on a mission to protect Guardian Space – and the Green Lantern Corps itself!

Beware My Power…Green Lantern’s Light (Part One)
Beware My Power…Green Lantern’s Light (Part Two)
Razer’s Edge
Ghost in the Machine
Heir Apparent
Lost Planet
Nothing to Fear
…In Love and War
Regime Change
Flight Club

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