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Moretsu Pirates Episode #18 Anime Review

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The mission takes a few more turns before Marika can set things right for Jenny.

What They Say:
Jenny is the new client of the Bentenmaru, the original plan of taking her to Space University is on hold as it will not stop the threat of her Uncle. With some inside information, the new plan is to head to Jenny’s fiancé ship to cut a deal.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With Jenny having now hired the Bentenmaru for a mission, something that makes her original crew still in quarantine blink about a few times, the series has finished the lead-up to this particular arc and is now engaged in the actual story. With its light novel origins, it definitely takes its time in getting to where it wants to be but it does so by fleshing things out and expanding on it. With the arc so far, we’ve gotten a better look at the business side of what it is to be a pirate of letter in this day and how much of a real business it is. Marika has grown a fair bit here as she’s brought on the yacht club as well and commanded them properly, giving them space to do their jobs while they understand that she is the one in charge.

Jenny’s past with her family was dealt with to some degree in the previous episode and we got the right hints that helped to push Marika to help, especially in regards to her uncle. With everyone on the same page now, the plans are starting to come together with what needs to be done. Not surprisingly, the Space University angle is on hold as they now figure that getting to the ship where Jenny’s fiancee is will be the best bet, something that is amusingly helped by the crew in quarantine as they do their on research on what’s going on and explore paths to help out. With the way data is still key to things in this day and age, being able to operate outside of the pressure zone is a big positive for them.

Getting away from Jenny’s uncle is a big part of what has to be done here and it’s rather intriguing to see how Marika has used a trick that was used on her in past episodes to pull it off. That combined with the help she gets, which Chiaki cutely calls her being spoiled with, it leads to a good segment that really is surprising as Marika gets to hijack the airwaves, which is not something anyone was expecting. Marika’s attempts at righting things for Jenny are pretty well done here but it is essentially all in Jenny’s hands to really drive it home and she does so with relative ease once she gets her uncles attention properly. It is a bit hard for him to believe it at first, but seeing how things unfold as it goes along is just priceless.

In Summary:
Moretsu Pirates works through things pretty quickly here and in good orderly fashion while still making sure the cast is the primary focus. Jenny has some very good moments and Marika does as well, but she takes the role of captain right by letting the crew take the real focus when it’s their turn so that she doesn’t become a camera hog. The story wasn’t one that really drove me all that much though it had its cute moments. What I liked most was seeing how Marika handled the challenges of being a captain with no crew and having to get a crew. And seeing how thoes in the yacht club handled the situation as well. It’s not a story arc that really stood out huge, but that can be said in general with the series.

Grade: B

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