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Mysterious Girlfriend X Episode #04 Anime Review

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When Tsubaki’s best friend’s girlfriend Oka takes an interest in Urabe, what does it mean for all of the relationships involved?

What They Say
Out of the blue, Oka has taken an interest in Urabe. When she asks Urabe to be her friend, Urabe tells her she doesn’t need friends. But that feeling might change once the two girls share a drink.

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
One of the joys of Mysterious Girlfriend X is seeing how episodes can seemingly be heartwarmingly sweet and semiotically pornographic at the same time. It’s clear that all of the symbolism is intentional and lovingly rendered, and yet it somehow comes across making the show more thought-provoking than sleazy. That’s my excuse, anyway.

In this episode we’re more properly introduced to Oka, the secret girlfriend of Tsubaki’s best pal Ueno. Ueno is excited that it’s spring, as this means the girls will soon be changing into their summer PE uniforms, and Ueno will be able to check Oka out in her skimpier workout clothes. Tsubaki is secretly excited that he’ll get to check out Urabe in her new uniform as well. Unfortunately for the would-be peeping toms, the boys are kept inside to do judo exercises, while the girls go outside to run laps.

This gets Urabe and Oka together for the first time. While running, Urabe is accidentally tripped up and scrapes her knee. Oka volunteers to take her to the nurses office, and when the nurse is found to be out, she takes it upon herself to bandage up Urabe’s knee. Oka asks Urabe to be her friend, but Urabe refuses, saying that she already has a boyfriend and that’s enough. Oka says that she’ll always be willing to be Urabe’s friend, but the lines of communication seem to be permanently closed. That is, until Urabe notices Oka’s knee.

When sharing a drink earlier, it appears that some of Urabe’s drool was ingested by Oka, and therefore the wound on her leg was transferred as well. In a further test, Urabe cuts her hand with a knife, and then has Oka taste her drool. Oka seems strangely willing to do so, and once it is ingested, her hand becomes wounded as well. It’s apparently Oka and Urabe share a drool bond as well.

It’s here that Oka confesses she saw Urabe and Tsubaki sharing drool, and was curious about their relationship. Oka sees this as her chance to make friends with Urabe, but Urabe is still skeptical. That is, until Oka returns with bento boxes of food to bribe Urabe with the next day. Poor Ueno tries to get Oka to get with him using his alleged psychic bond, but the bond of drool Oka has found is seemingly stronger. Ueno and Tsubaki find the girls sitting outside on a bench, with Oka feeding Urabe the treats she lovingly cooked.

In Summary
I’m pretty sure this is the episode that will shut out anyone who does not already “get” the show. The sharing of drool with Urabe is an important romantic sacrament that all of the show’s characters will seemingly partake in, and there’s obviously no getting around that. The show still has its bizarre appeal for its fans, and I count myself as one, but it’s growingly increasingly difficult to explain. It’s hypnotic, perverse, romantic and proud of its off-putting uniqueness. I’m now just interested to see all of the places it can go in the remaining 8 episodes.

Grade: B+

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

Review Equipment: Sony VAIO 17″ HD screen

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