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Dusk Maiden Of Amnesia Episode #04 Anime Review

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Nothing grows the bonds of friendship like a training camp.

What They Say:
The Paranormal Investigation Club is holding a training camp at the school. Teiichi sees Yuuko from the corner of his eye, but she is not stopping to talk to him. That night she takes him to a forgotten part of the school, to see the cursed rock.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With the core group introduced at this point, the Dusk Maiden of Amnesia can get to moving them together as a group now, which is definitely needed. In order to do so, a training camp has been set the school in which the four of them, which includes Yuuko, can get together and to some degree just hang out for awhile. Training is one thing, but the group really doe sneed to come together as that in order to know each other better and trust each other. Of course, they’re also going to get a lot of other things thrown at them along the way, including the fun of trying to scare Momoe right from the start with blood splattering right out of the sink.

While they intend to do a lot of the training at night, which fits for the paranormal club, a good bit of time is spent during the day as well, such as at the pool. Which lets us have lots of swimsuit fetish time here with the girls to very good effect, especially as Momoe gets into things with Kirie well enough to make her blush a bit. After the kind of slightly odd pacing at time sof the first three episodes, going for something a little more traditional here is nice when it comes to fun in the sun. but in the midst of it all, Yuuko is keeping her distance from everyone and is acting just that way, which is causing a fair bit of concern from Teiichi. But her distance makes it hard for him to really approach her about it and see what’s really going on.

The episode does do a fair bit of fun mixed in with the more serious material and it’s a chance to let the characters get a bit more comfortable with each other. It’s worse for Momoe in the end though since she can’t see Yuuko and gets freaked out by how the conversations go at times. There is some good material here that takes things a shade darker, showing us a little more of Yuuko’s world, but there’s also a lightness to how she approaches things. What was really interesting is the kind of fanservice that comes into this episode. Certainly not opposed to it, but it felt a little more blatant here, from the opening prologue to the rather good time under the stars shared by Yuuko and Teiichi.

In Summary:
As the series continues on, we start to get a better feel for this group of characters as just that, a group. Putting them all together for a training camp is definitely fun since we’re now past the introductions and this lets us see them have fun together, the quirks and oddness of the situation overall. It’s still not really a story driven series, more one being pushed by the characters and their quirks and connections, but it’s proving to be engaging enough. It has a good mood and atmosphere, but it’s not weighed down heavily by it. In some ways, it reminds me of Moon Phase in how it deals with darker subjects with a moody look but knew how to bring in the humor and lightness to keep it engaging and fun. I’m curious if they’ll actually do much with it as it seems like there’s potential, but for the moment it’s just enjoyable and simple.

Grade: B

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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