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Hunter X Hunter Episode #29 Anime Review

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The path to surviving the 200’s is opened up before Gon and Killua.

What They Say:
After reaching the 200th floor, Gon and Killua run into Hisoka’s barrier of Nen. They ask Wing to use the violent method for activating their Nen potential. As the deadline for registration draws near, they begin training in one of the four major principles of Nen, Ten.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
The introduction of Nen, Ten and so forth isn’t something that I really got into the first time around, especially during this part of the manga as well, simply because it felt like a bit too much of a shift from where things were when it came to how the characters had trained and grown in skill over the years. With the pair of Gon and Killua having made it to the 200th floor but finding that Hisoka is there and is quite powerful because of his use of these principles, it forces them to go back to Wing and Zushi in order to do some intense training over the next three hours in order to make their way to the floor and stay there. If they fail, Gon can try again but Killua will be unable to participate again at all.

Wing isn’t interested in doing a crash course for them, but it’s something that they are able to overcome with him to some degree because there are some interesting issues of his own involved here. He does his best to scare them, as he says himself, but because of what he does understand about them he’s willing to put them through this kind of intense training so that they can move forward. It’s a bit mystical in a way, but there’s also a real intensity about it that’s striking to both boys and has a powerful connection for Killua as well, reminding him of what his brother is capable of. With Wing opening up their bodies to manipulate Nen now, their lives take on a very different feeling as they’re more connected with their bodies and the power and energy within them.

The unleashing of this power is what they needed to make it past Hisoka and to register, which lets them fully explore the rather different upper levels that are here. They have a range in which they can fight now as the whole system is different, giving them a ninety day window in which to go at it, but there are other quirks a well that just make it difficult to progress unless you’re able to win smoothly each time. But the whole point from this level on out is that you’ve got the best of the best and some powerful Floor Masters for them to deal with. The arrival here also does some good in showing off the variety of opponents that will be there for them to face and it’s certainly going to let the quirky side show, which isn’t a surprise.

In Summary:
Hunter x Hunter has a bit of an awkward episode here, not because there’s no action to speak of in it of note for the most part, but because it’s more about the move up to the 200th floor. There is a reasonable way to get there, but it’s something that’s just run through so quickly that it’s a little surprising it’s dealt with as briefly as it is. That’s not a bad thing, but between that and the hyper explanation of what fighting on the next floor is like with its additional rules and quirks, it’s more of an awkward info dump kind of episode more than anything else. It has some good moments to be sure, but it’s the kind of episode that left me just waiting for it to be over more than anything else. The last two minutes of the episode definitely highlights what will make the next few episodes a lot of fun though as the matches in the 200’s are shown briefly with Gon, but it’s not enough to help salvage this episode better.

Grade: B-

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