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Questioning Fandom: What Adorns Your Walls?

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One of the things that happens if you’re, well, a person is that over the years you put things up on your walls. Well, I’ve watched enough HGTV to know there are people that don’t put anything up on their walls and those that don’t do it right as well. But as fans of genre entertainment where there are many, many kinds of posters, scrolls and more that you can put up, there’s a world of possibilities. Do you go with a theme? Sparse and simple so as to draw the eye more? Or do you fill it with lots and lots of things. It’s interesting to see how a person changes over the years when they do this, and I can see it with my own kids as they go for a whole lot of stuff. It starts off with cute things as young children and then when you hit the tween set you see them adding more celebrities and the like, or particular films that they may really enjoy. As the move into the college realm it shifts again to a wider range due to the exposure. And as an adult when you have your own place and complete freedom, it often becomes more restrained and conventional, especially if significant others get involved that don’t share your hobbies and entertainment pleasures.

So today, we wanted to find out what you have on your walls. But we’ll show off some of the ones that we have up spread around the house. No shots of my kids room, though my eldest has a slew of FUNimation posters she got from Anime Boston and a massive Sailor Mars wallscroll…

In the media room, the first one you see when you walk in is along the back wall behind the couch, a classic old Nausicaa print that’s done as the manga version. I’ve had it up longer than I can remember.

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One of the best things in my office is this Sakura Diaries print given to me by the folks at ADV Films years ago. I was (and am) a huge fan of the show and when they put out their special edition version of it with this as the cover, I went kind of into overdrive with my adoration of the artwork and how much better it worked compared to the previous release. They gifted me with this one of a kind print of it at an Anime Boston and it’s been a treasured piece on my office wall ever since.

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Back in the media room, the other side of the back wall is what you also see when you first walk in as the Trois Coloures: Red print is there with Irene Jacob. This was the movie that got my hard into foreign cinema in the 90’s, thanks to an art house cinema screen we had nearby, and that particular image has been a huge piece of visual beauty in my mind ever since.

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Also in the media room is the appropriate piece from my childhood with a late 80’s poster re-release of the original Hildebrandt Star Wars poster. That movie was the huge influence in me geeking out, so it’s appropriate that it continues to have a place.

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When you leave the media room back out into the main house, I have a trio of what I like to think of as the more unique pieces. On the left wall is a signed and numbered David Mack print of which only a few hundred were made. The right side is something really special as I got these from the Bandai Visual Blu-ray releases that were put out in which they included the limited edition cards for the film (Wings of Honneamise & Patlabor) along with the Dolby TrueHD promo sticker. They just clicked right in putting together a special custom frame for.

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But there’s also cheap and easy stuff you can do as well, which I do in my office. These images are representative, but with the limited edition boxes from FUNimation you get the filler boxes inside which can be cut into 5×7 size for frames. $3 frames at Target and the velcro style wall stickers and you’re good to go. Conventions also feature a lot of these cards which is just cover art. Setting it up like this means you can swap out your artwork easily and quickly with no fuss, no muss.

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