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New ‘Steins; Gate’ Manga Gets Prologue Chapter

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Fans of the previously released Steins; Gate┬ádrama CD that focused on the character of Christina (pictured below) are going to be excited when the prologue chapter of the manga adaptation hits. The June issue of Ultra Jump will feature this chapter when it hits newsstands in Japan n May 19th as is it leads into the manga series Steins; Gate – Babel of the Grieved Maze, proving once again that complicated series names are not a problem in that country. This new series is going to be working along the same vein as the drama CD, in which it focuses on Kurisu and the way she unravels things going on in the main series itself. The drama CD was obviously a short endeavor overall and just giving it a kind of superficial feel to it while the manga series is intended to go into it in more detail from her perspective.

[Source: Crunchyroll]